"Elopement" Ceremony in the Woods?

Hey everyone!

So my fiancé and I are going to be having a very small "elopement" ceremony for a wedding with a bigger wedding a few years from now (he is in the military and he will be leaving in February for training classes before we move to Japan for three years in either June or July). We were kind of tinkering around with the idea of just having the ceremony, maybe 30 minutes tops, in the woods, not too deep in so that it's still easily accessable to the few guests that will be there, and I was just wondering if anyone has done just a quick ceremony in the woods and if so, how did it go? This ceremony would also probably be taking place not later than the end of September if we go with an out door location.

We are located near Allyn, WA and are willing to travel an hour away so If you have location ideas, that would be greatly appreciated! 
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