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How much have you spent being a bridesmaid?

From buying the bridesmaid dress and wedding gift to planning a bachelorette party and traveling to a destination wedding, how much did you spend being a bridesmaid? is looking for NYC-metro area bridesmaids who are willing to share their experience on being a bridesmaid – from the time commitment to the costs – for a national morning TV show. If this sounds like you, please email the following information ASAP to [email protected]:

Are you available on July 21st from 9:45 to 10:45 am?

Contact Info (daytime & evening numbers, email address):
City, State:
Are you a bridesmaid/Have you been a bridesmaid (please specify):
How much are you spending/have you spent on being a bridesmaid, and why:
Are you willing to share your story on local TV:

**Please include a recent low-resolution photo of yourself.


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