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Is Video Games at Reception Appropriate?

We will be having a traditional wedding.  My groom wants video games at the reception. I like to play, but I have never been to a wedding with video games. Most of the guests will be older than 40. My parents are paying for everything and feel that is inappropriate and that the guests will leave. They understand that the wedding is all about the groom and I, but that there are limits. What should we do?

Re: Is Video Games at Reception Appropriate?

  • I would find this so weird. Not technically against etiquette but odd. People should want to interact with each other - not sit on a couch and play a game.
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    IMO, it would be very rude to your parents who are spending a considerable amount of money to host your wedding. It would also be rude to the guests to go off with a smaller group of guests to do something else. I agree with your parents.
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