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Help me decide between two shoes

Hi everybody,
Just two months into the groom, and I have not yet decided what kind of shoe I should choose. Because I was so hard on my high heeled shoes, I preferred to choose a shoe that's comfortable.

But my husband would look like a heeled shoe that looks like a photo on a site.

Which shoes are you looking for?
In the meanwhile, my clothes are like the first picture of the trail and may put the garden on the ground

Re: Help me decide between two shoes

  • If I understand what you are saying, your dress is similar to the first picture and your wedding is outside. I wouldn't go with the high heels as they might sink into the ground and you said you prefer comfortable shoes. You should wear shoes that you are comfortable wearing. The second shoes make my feet hurt just looking at them! If you have a long dress, no one will really see your shoes anyway.
  • I think only the person wearing the shoes gets to decide if they are flats or high heels and unless your FH knows what wearing those all day feels like he doesn’t get a vote. 

    That said; I went with comfort. It’s a long day the last thing you want is your feet to hurt before you even start dancing. Also if it’s outside those heels are going to be brown before you walk down the aisle.

     I say get the shoes you want for the day and save the sexy heels for the night. 
  • I wore wedges. Gave me the height I wanted without sinking into the grass when we did pictures. I'm a nurse so don't wear heels that often and found wedges were quite comfortable. I picked a pair in purple :) and have worn them several times since the wedding!

  • I wore clear chunk heels to the ceremony and the matching 1" flats at the reception...  Only the shoe wearer gets a say in this one IMO, No one is going to notice your shoes under a long dress, but everyone is going to notice if your feet are in pain and can't have a great time because your feet are blistered long before the first dance because of an improper fit.  If they don't feel comfortable from the second you put them on your feet, they aren't the right shoe for you.  
  • Why does your H care about what kind of shoe you wear? 
  • Why does your H care about what kind of shoe you wear? 
    I don't seem to be able to edit now. WTF TK. Anyway, I meant your FI. 
  • i say wear whatever you feel the most conformable in as it is your day. 
  • My fiance is shortish for a guy, so I don't really wear heels all that often. I know he would feel awkward if I were to wear heels on our wedding day. We're having an outdoor June wedding and I plan on wearing sandals. I would definitely say to wear what makes you comfortable. But, if you want some sort of compromise, maybe consider a small heeled wedge or sandal?
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