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Photo Must-Haves?

What photos are on your list that you MUST have or wished you got? We're not doing a first look (very against) and doing our photos after the ceremony. So, we only have a limited amount of time before dinner and don't want to miss any!
Bridal party and immediate family will be done before the ceremony, separately, to save time. 

Re: Photo Must-Haves?

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    Our photographer allows us to make a "photo list" to discuss pre-wedding with all of our desired shots. For example, my fiance and I both were active in greek life during college, so we want group pics with our frat brothers/sorority sisters. There are certain "quirk" shots we want as well like a picture of us both under the veil, pictures with our dogs, a "whole" group photo of everyone at the wedding, my dad recently passed so we're taking some pictures in his old truck to commemorate him. It all just depends on what you as a couple like/find important. 
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    As a former MOB and MOG, I wish we had gotten a family picture with just our family and not significant ( in addition to the one with significant others). The only picture we have from DS1's wedding has DS2's exGF in it so now we don't display it. I really wish we had a picture without her in it. We also didn't get a picture of me, H, DS1 and DIL. If I had been asked, I would have requested these pictures. Maybe you should ask your parents and your FI's parents what pictures they are interested in having. DD did that - and there were still some we didn't get!
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    I agree - family pictures of just parents and children no SO's!!  (Then one with in-laws on respective sides).  Then parents with B&G on each respective side... B&G with their individual parents only as well (One of the only pictures DH has alone with both of his parents from the time he was little is from our wedding)...  Same goes for grandparents with their children.  Also, a family picture with the aunts/uncles/cousins from each side!  Crowd pictures of people just having fun...  Reception hall before guests arrive (it's fun later "what did the room look like" because those are things you won't really get to see)..  
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