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Another Mazaltops Review

We ordered for a simcha. At first, everything seemed great. I was asked to confirm the wording for the personalization, which seemed fine. The kippot arrived in time and were the right color, but the personalization labels were incomplete (didn't signify the type of simcha, just the name, date and Parsha). THEN, I got an email saying they had undercharged me and had lost money, that I knew they had and had somehow cheated them and that I owed more money. I never knew that the price that was listed on the website, quoted at checkout and paid in full was incorrect. I did know that their total price was less than some other sites, but the additional they were requesting was significantly more than at least three other sites with the same product. I actually agreed to pay them somewhat more, because after they wrote, I did a per piece calculation and saw that their price was lower than all the other sites, which did have the same price. I did not pay their significantly higher price. Furthermore, many of the kippot have started unravelling after one wearing. You can decide for yourself whether to use the company. We won't in our mishpacha. I don't know if they were truthful. I certainly didn't think the accusation that I cheated them was professional. And, they cannot legally ask for more money once a transaction is complete. I made the assumption that they were being honest, which they did not have the courtesy to do with me.
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