How to manage a budget

Hi everyone,

So I actually do not plan on getting married until late next year, but I am trying to get a jumpstart on planning. We've had some trouble keeping to our budget with the venue and catering seems to be going the same way. The venue requires us to use one of their "approved caterers" and they are seeming to be out of our budget as well.

Does anyone have advice on sticking to budget constraints with outside forces pulling in other directions? And are there any other ways people have cut cost in other areas?

Re: How to manage a budget

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    Most of our budget is going towards venue and caterer as well, which is kind of the norm it seems. These were two of the three things that we cared about the most with the photographer being third. I think you could definitely cut costs with the wedding "cake' by going with an alternative, such as pies, doughnuts or cupcakes. We're doing cupcakes, which are way cheaper (at least with our baker). We (aka me) are doing all of our own reception and ceremony decorations too. Also, consider making your own save the dates and/or invites and having them printed at like a Staples or Office Max. 

    We are having a largish wedding, which doesn't help our budget haha so maybe cut numbers if at all possible? I didn't want a big wedding but my partner's family loves big weddings, so we compromised somewhere in the middle, both to make it more intimate (what I wanted) and save money (make him happy). I think you and your partner just need to discuss what aspects of your wedding are most important and which are just extras that you wouldn't be upset with if money wasn't spent on it. 
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