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Second Guessing my wedding dress

So my wedding is in June of next year and  I got my dress far in advance. However, I am having reservations about it now that it has come in. The silly thing is when I try it on I really really like it (maybe because I don't fully see myself), but in pictures I'm not sure how I feel about it. Every time I look at pictures it I constantly question it. Does any one have advice who may have gone through this before?

Re: Second Guessing my wedding dress

  • Stop looking at pictures...  

    But is it because you want a prop dress or do you want something you feel fantastic wearing and looking in the mirror?  Your photographer will have you set up for great pictures and knows the right angle to take action photos so you will look great in the pictures on your wedding day.  That said, if you truly hated the dress, sell it and purchase a different one that you do love/enjoy wearing that you like how it makes you look in pictures.  Don't have alterations done, make the decision, stay in your budget, and be at peace with it! 
  • Only you can decide if the dress is the one for you. Keep in mind that there is probably not a 'perfect' dress. If you feel good when you are in it, that is the most important thing. Is there something specific that you are not liking when you see it in pictures?
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