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My fiance and I have a dream:  a Fire Island wedding.

At first, the more I thought of it, I figured since he has a big family (I have a small one) and it may be a problem for some people to take the ferry (elderly, etc), to just knock it since we labled it as too much of a hassle and unrealistic.

I already looked at a few venues in person and checked out many online.  There are many options I would love such as waterfront/lakeviews or vinyards.  But after a while, it all looks the same to me. 

Needless to say, I was married once before (he wasn't) and I already expereinced that "huge over the top princess perfect" wedding.  I did not care for it much.  Plus, it was overwhelming, overstimulating, I never got to enjoy the day and barely ate because I was bombarded with the huge family wedding deal.

Well, I looked up Fire Island weddings and consdierd it again.  My fiance feels the same way I do: would be great to just have immediate family and very close friends join us in a small "destination wedding" on Fire Island.  I see it's considered a "destination wedding" now (lol).

My question is: has anyone done this?  Is it a good idea?  Will I offend his family (being it would be limited to a smaller amount of ppl since it would be too expensive for a big wedding and we can now use the term "destination wedding" to make ppl feel less uninvited?

Thoughts, experiences---any?


The Hopefully June 2nd 2013 Fire Island Bride


  • I think the ferry will be a pain in the butt bc they only run certain times. I believe midnight is the latest they run and it doesnt run til midnight in all areas most ferries on the weekend stop running around 6.
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  • true.

    june 2nd is a sunday so we would do a daytime wedding.  i guess that makes it easier.
  • I would say try and schedule around the ferry times so no one is stranded. I'm not sure if Fire Island has a hotel and if it does I dont know where it is.
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  • I think it's a fabolous idea! I love Fire Island. I'm sure you can set up a great reception with a local hotel/venue. I also dont't think you should feel bad about having your wedding somewhere non-traditional. I think families put too much pressure when it comes to weddings nowadays. It's your day. Those who want to be there will be. 

    I would however schedule around ferry times and provide as much assistance to your guests as possible. I don't think the ferry is hard for the elderly. I've been on them a million times. Maybe specify ushers to help take care of grandma, etc. Make it someone's job.

    Good luck!
  • jjswinjjswin member

    Being a full-time Fire Island resident I would have to say the ferry for weddings is a nightmare. However, the Fire Island Lighthouse does weddings on the patio. I have seen a few and it looks beautiful. They have people park in Robert Moses Field 5 and take a school bus or shuttle to the Lighthouse, so no one has to walk. Then I have heard of a lot of people then take a bus/shuttle down to Kismet to Surfs Out for the reception. I would contact the Lighthouse as they can prob point you in the right direction. I have also heard of people holding the ceremony and reception at Surfs Out and again bussing people in from RMF5.  My only other suggestion is don’t attempt to do it in the prime summer months (Mid June – August) as the traffic and “visitors” can get a little crazy. Hoped this helped, if you have any other questions PM me.

  • I am in the mist of planning my Fire Island wedding now; Sept. 14th 2013 in Ocean Beach!  I think it's a fabulous idea (of course!) and I truly don't think that the ferry will be too much of a hassle.  What part of Fire Island are you doing?  We are doing Ocean Beach and the reception dinner is at Island Mermaid which is right off the ferry.  You can even get married there!  They are very helpful with all your planning needs!!

    That being said, I am also looking into doing a private ferry for my guests.  I may only do it for the ride home though, as the schedule to Fire Island will work well with my ceremony time and what not. 

    The one thing I can say is that if you plan on doing it June 2, then that is technically IN SEASON (after Memorial Day).  Everything will be pretty pricey from hotel rooms, house rentals, restaurant rentals for reception, etc.  (Which is why we are doing after Labor Day and then we can have a Saturday evening wedding!)

    If you do decide to do it and you have any questions, feel free to ask.  I have done A LOT of research!!

  • I performed weddings on the beach at Fire Island. Ocean Beach has many ferries and elderly guests can even take a water taxi from Bay Shore. There are cruise boats you can use out of Captree or try The Lauren Christie out of Bay Shore. Barbara Brownyard WWW.joyfuljourneyministry.com
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  • i wanted to have my wedding here too. but i found it to be over priced. try surfs out though. that is located in kismet and not a far walk from parking feilds.... so they say. theres also an outdoor loungy area thats sandy and u can do the ceremony at the light house! good luck!
  • Theresa I sent you a message for any research info you could provide!! I will take any info anyone could provide!! I am curious about a shuttle bus to Kismet from the Light House. Does anyone have any more info on that? Or pricing for any of the places? I am having about 35-40 people, and want the laid back and erlaxed, but classy feeling. I am hoping the lighthouse reopens for the summer. Any opinions on Surf's Out, Island Mermaid or the Palms? Or other suggestions on where to hold the reception?
  • Hi!!! I am planning a fire island wedding too! Are you using Lisa jaffe? I have lots of questions for you! We are planning oct 11 2014. I need info on photographers and entertainment! Can you email me if you have time [email protected]
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