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How to Store Dress with Long Train Days Before Wedding

Hello everyone!!

I have a wedding dress with an especially long train, and it scrunches up at the bottom of the wedding dress holder (protector? don't know the right word for the thing that you put the dress in)

Does anyone know where I could buy a longer holder that would properly contain my long train? It hasn't been a problem storing it but it will be once it is steamed in the days before the wedding - I definitely don't want it just hanging up on a hook, but that looks like my best option right now!


Re: How to Store Dress with Long Train Days Before Wedding

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    Could you ask the salon you bought it from how they usually handle dresses with longer trains? 

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    I had a train and I kept it on the store hanger, but pulled the train out over a clean sheet and late it lay for the few days before the wedding. Then the morning of I bustled it to transport then undid it when I got to the venue and let it lay until I got dressed. There were no wrinkles in that short of time. 

    Hope that helps! 
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    We did what @charlotte989875 did with DD's dress. We hung it as high as we could in the hotel room the day before the wedding (when we picked it up) and let the train hang down. She dressed at the hotel.
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    Ok that is really helpful!! Unfortunately the boutique couldn't offer me much advice :( Thank you!!
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    Hang it up as high as you can or do some touch-ups day of. I think my mom ironed my dress the day before and then used a regular iron while I was wearing it (you just hold the fabric away from yourself) to do a couple touch ups. You can also buy steamers for home use. 
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    Ask if the venue where you get ready will provide a steamer. Many do.

    The venue where my daughter got ready (the hotel where she was holding the reception after her church wedding) gave us a room that had a hook very high up (as in, the wedding coordinator used a stepladder to hang the dress). They also provided a steamer to get the wrinkles out of the train. We went to town with that steamer, steaming the heck out of everything.
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