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Latino Weddings

Tradition of Padrinos- Question

edited December 2018 in Latino Weddings
Please no hate, I am asking a serious question here to try and help make my wedding amazing for everyone. Also sorry if I ramble!

I am American, and my fiancé is Mexican, his parents moved here with him when he was around 7, and he has a few other aunts and uncles that live in America too (most of them go back and forth from America to Mexico), and so much of their beliefs and culture have stayed true to when they lived/grew up in Mexico (which is awesome, please no one take that wrong). One tradition is that of Padrinos for big life events, such as our upcoming wedding. From the conversations I have had with my fiancé and with his family is that being asked to be a padrino is a huge honor among hispanics, something that is looked forward to, and that is also pretty much expected. I want to incorporate as many important traditions as I can for my FH and FIL's because I know these things are meaningful and important to them, however I feel awkward with the padrino aspect because of the whole asking people to give money/pay for things-even though that is part of the tradition and people are offering. 
I guess my big question (in all of this rambling haha) is how have you other brides dealt with this or felt about this and did you feel it was ok to say yes and let people take on these responsibilities?
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