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Phot list help.

I am in this mist of making a shot list for my photographer, and I am wondering do you need to include the names of people who you would like to be photographed or is this step not necessary?


Bride and groom with his parents 

Bride, Groom Jack, Jane, 

Groom with his immediate family

Groom, Jack, Jane, John, Thomas..

Bride and groom with all parents

Bride, Groom, Jack, Jane, Roy, Carol 

Re: Phot list help.

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    I did the title (mother of bride, grandma of bride etc.) and the names in parentheses. People seemed to pay more attention when they heard their name and it didn’t add too much work to my list. 
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    I agree that it might make it easier for the photographer to have actual names to use. It really isn't that big a deal to add names instead of saying mother of bride, maid of honor etc.
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