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  • There is so much drama surrounding this wedding. I don't even know what to say. 
    Everything else had been worked out. My sister has asked just to be a guest because she realized she cannot afford to even pay for her apartment yet alone shoes or hair and makeup for the wedding. I told her she does not have to get her hair or makeup done since that was optional. She also could barrow a pair of my shoes since I know multiple pairs of silver heels, but she doesn't want to wear heels. She also has broken up with the guy who has a son because she found out he was lying to her. He told her his grandfather was dying shortly after she loaned him money, but she found out his grandfather was not dying and he just used it as an excuse to get out of coming to see her. He also told her his wife's two daughters were not his children, but she spoke with the wife who said they are his daughters and he visits them everyday. I also spoke with her about the tattoo and said I wasn't thrilled about it, but she can do whatever she wants with her body and she would still be in the wedding. 

    My mother, MIL, and grandmother have been looking at dresses online and have made plans to go together to dress shop. They asked me to go along which I said I would.

    All of the tuxes have been selected and paid for. All my dad's tux is grey he likes it. My future father in law apparently owns a suit and plans on wearing that to the wedding. My fiance had no clue he owned a suit since his father normally wears jeans and a t-shirt, but after speaking with him he was informed about the suit.

    So everything going on the maid of honor is really the only problem now. 
    Wait, did no one else catch that the sister's boyfriend/fiance/whatever apparently has a WIFE?

    I can't.
  • @SoonToBeSmith0512 this is from a year ago.   The OP has posted non stop and her story changes every time. 
  •  so all she had to do was select the venue and caterer
    Yikes! Even if she didn't have to pay, shopping for a venue and caterer is a crap ton of work! No, no, no! Your MOH has one job and that is to show up properly dressed and on time for your wedding. Everything else is just gravy.  If people want to throw a shower, let them, but your MOH doesn't have to be involved if she doesn't want to. She doesn't even have to attend!

  • @maine7mob this thread is super old. 
  • @banana468 LOL, didn't see that on my small screen. My bad.
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