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I have no imagination and don't know how to go about this sort of thing outside of a school. A friend from high school is battling kidney cancer. She is a "lucky" one and has had her tumors shrink. The funding for kidney cancer is incredibly low- 95% less than leukemia even though they are diagnosed at the same rate. The survival rate is almost non existent- 37% live through the first year, 6% survive period.

As if she isn't doing enough, she wants to start fundraising for kidney cancer.  Does anyone have experience with fundraisers? A 5k was mentioned, but they are incredibly difficult to pull off.

I just don't know what to do to help.

Re: Fundraisers

  • ShesSoColdShesSoCold bend over and I'll show ya
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    Oh, no, that's awful. I'm so sorry. I don't know anything about organizing fundraisers, but is there an organization she's hoping to donate to or work with? 

    Like, I've done a few events with PANcan and on their sites, they have suggestions of how to host a local fundraising event and local volunteers who will help with ideas and implementation. That might be a good place to start if she already has an organization in mind.

    I admire your friend's strength and selflessness. 
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  • 6fsn6fsn
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    I know she’s working with the James cancer center at osu 
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    is there an existing program ther eyou can offer to help with?  like a benefit dinner or event they do yearly?
    I help at a marthon and I don't marathon, I just help
    And I help at legopalooza
    And I sell popcorn through our local popcorn place via my kid.

    also, your kids might have connections.
    GIrl Scouts decides every year who to donate their cookie money to via the troops.  ANd places the kids have personal connections to tend to 'win'

  • OurWildKingdomOurWildKingdom in the 216
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    Something that’s popular around here is fundraiser nights at restaurants (usually franchises, but sometimes local places too). The restaurant gives a percentage of sales to the organization you choose.
  • A 5k is not as difficult to pull off as one would think.  Start small.  "Turkey Trots" are big around Thanksgiving, but instead of 5K's, their "Lazy Bones Marathon" counterparts (about a block distance/pub crawl type thing) also do well with shorter distances.  The thing to do is if she really wants to do a 5K is to link it up with another community event already taking place as there are templates out there for how to do them.  The biggest challenge is blocking off the road that the 5K will take place.  There are also other sports that do fundraising competitions and have sanctions such as Strong(wo)man, Highland Games, etc.  

    I've seen tons of fundraiser ideas, if you've got a college near you, Fraternities and Sororities are a great group to link up with as there's often a philanthropy event required with many of their charters.  A yearly event that can get built/known in the community is always a good thing.  

    Don't overthink it, the issue is how to get the maximum number of people in the door paying.  
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  • OurWildKingdomOurWildKingdom in the 216
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    There is a Kidney Walk, but the funds go toward research for all kidney disease, not just cancer.

  • It might be better for her to use her energy to raise money for an existing charity, as others have said. The yield would be much, much higher than doing a charity race or benefit.

    My husband is organizing a 5K to benefit our local library. Be aware that paying for official timing (which runners really want and expect) is not cheap. She'd also need to get t-shirts (everyone wants one), so would need to be sure the registration fee covered these things, in addition to having money leftover for the charity itself.

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