hello I am Posting on the Pennsylvania central board as well:
I am from the reading area and we are looking for a venue anywhere from the Lancaster area to the philly area. I have Found lots of great places but not anything I love In our price range.. we are expecting between 140-150 guests and if the venue is all inclusive we really need to stay under $90 pp and that’s with tax and service.. I am Finding that some of the places I like; Food and bar package is in our budget but then venue fee  put us over.. does anyone know of less well known venues that maybe is all inclusive or a venue that the rental fee isn’t a lot? I really Like the industrial look but also like the rustic look as well.. I am open to anything really, if it’s in budget. 

Re: Venues

  • Jeffery Miller Catering does a lot of different venues in and around he philadelphia area. The price you get quoted really does include a lot of things so you know what you’re expecting. The food is fantastic and all of his venues are beautiful!! 
  • I also have to recommend Jeffrey Miller Catering. They are an amazing catering company that uses nothing but fresh lpcal ingredients. They offer an amazing menu option called the Bistro menu where the prices are drastically smaller per plate. They have an amazing list of exclusive venues they work for. I am getting married at the Curtis Arboretum this June and have been nothing but impressed by Jeffrey Miller so far. Another great bonus is they let you supply your own alcohol and they supply all the mixers you need which saves you a huge amount of money instead of having to pay for bar packages like most venues!
    Oh and they recently catered Carson Wentz's wedding, my fiance absolutely loves that bonus detail ;-)

     Check out their website for all the venues they work with, they have some amazing locations, Welkinweir is one you HAVE to see!
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