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Wedding Woes

cheesecloth table runners

hello, i am wanting to do cheesecloth table runners. i have done some research and most people have used anywhere from 50 grade on up. i am wondering if anyone has used a lower grade and how it turned out. 

Re: cheesecloth table runners

  • ShesSoColdShesSoCold bend over and I'll show ya mod
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    I'm sorry, I have no experience with using cheesecloth decoratively and cannot answer your question.

    But I've never heard of cheesecloth table runners and now I'm intrigued. Why  cheesecloth? It's so light and wispy, I wouldn't think it would lay flat and I feel like it would get in the way and be annoying. Like, how do you set a full pitcher of water on bunched up cheesecloth? Nor it is particularly attractive. Would you dye it or do anything to it?

    Is cheesecloth the new burlap or is there some other pretty cheesecloth out there that I am unaware of?
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  • After a quick google search, because I was super curious, it appears cheesecloth is the new burlap & lace. It's not my style, but I don't hate it. And it's certainly better than burlap & lace IMO. 

    OP, from what I have seen, it seems like most people use 50-grade. Because of how gauzy and wispy the material is (by design), I would recommend going with the grade that most folks are using. I wouldn't recommend anything less than 50-grade because it could look cobwebby or cheap. I also wouldn't recommend anything above 60-grade because it will look too opaque and ruin the vibe you are going for.  
  • Save on crafts probably has it cheap.

    Also, that's ugly as hell.  To each their own; it's weird. 
  • VarunaTT said:
    Save on crafts probably has it cheap.

    Also, that's ugly as hell.  To each their own; it's weird. 
    Ouch. That’s a little harsh. 

    NMS either but “ugly” is rough. 
  • Cheesecloth makes me think of Halloween. 

    I don't think that table looks terrible, but I do feel like the cheesecloth is not contributing much to the design of the table.   I think the way it's hanging off and touching the floor is bothering me.   

    I'd need to see your 'idea' to understand what you're trying to achieve style-wise. 
  • Perhaps it's just that color scheme or placement, but it just looks like very cheap, wrinkly fabric sitting on the table.  It doesn't pool nicely at the bottom.  I can't tell if it's dyed or where the color is coming from, but it's just reading as dirty to me.  *shrug*  There's nothing that looks like decoration, it just looks messy and unkempt.  I think it's ugly.  I wouldn't tell someone AT their wedding it was ugly, or any other time.  On here?  That's kind of what we're for.
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