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Wedding Colors Help!

I am going to have my wedding in September and want Navy Blue for my primary color. Before I realized my wedding was going to be in the fall I thought of a canary yellow for the accent color so now I don't know.

Does anyone know of a good accent color for Navy and a fall wedding?


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    I think canary yellow is a beautiful accent for navy. Don't let the season hold you back from using colors you like.
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    I agree Canary Yellow, Mustard Yellow, Shades of Gold... many options.
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    I too agree.. dont let the season make your choice, yellow and navy are a great combination any time of year
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    I think it's more important to choose colors based on your bridesmaid's skin tones and what fits best with your venue, rather than the season.

    Go with the colors you love!
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    What about a rustic orange kind of bronzey?
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    I think Navy and Canary Yellow are perfect together.  They were my school colors when I was in elementary school.  You can use canary yellow anytime of the year these days.  Nobody really pays attention to the seasonal colors anymore unless they want it that way to begin with.  So I say go with your gut and use the Navy and canary yellow.
    Goodluck and Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

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    Navy and Canary would be beautiful together!! Don't worry about the season!

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    If you want the yellow, go for it, and like PP's I think you could mix in a lot of different yellow-gold shades with the navy since it's such a strong color. 
    Navy itself is very fall, so I think you can put mostly any coordinating color with it that goes with the season.

    Also, that color combo can be accented with red and is VERY nautical (hence, "navy") which may give you some other ideas to roll with.

    BUT, if you're looking for alternatives, here are some options: forest green, baby pink, cream, coffee, or coral.
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