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Wedding Woes


Am I cool enough to start the daily chat?  :D

The director did get back to me late yesterday to let me know they went with another candidate.  She encouraged me to apply in the future if I see openings but she gave the same reason the four-rounds-of-interviews guy gave so I don’t think I’ll bother.  I hadn’t even applied for this role, she reached out to me and my hopes were up..kind of wish she hasn’t disturbed my peace.  Oh well.  My current job is good enough.

How’s everyone else?

Re: Thursday

  • OliveOilsMomOliveOilsMom South Jersey
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    Boo, but at least she reached out to you Eileen and you weren't left in a ghosted state.  I also think you are cool enough to start a daily thread!

    I was able to get the car washed on my way home yesterday.  H had driven it on one of the highways and it was a salted mess.  We also got our Target run in, so that was good!

    Today we are having a dinner at a place that has 200 different omlette combinations!  Can't wait!  Then we may or may not go into the town where I work, they are having a Galentine's chocolate evening throughout town.  Lots of the shops are featuring different chocolate based foods.  So it will probably depend on how long dinner takes and if DD is cooperating!

  • mrsconn23mrsconn23
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    edited February 7
    Boo @eileenrob.  How frustrating.  I think you should get yourself a little pick-me-up.  Treat yo'self.  ;)

    DefConn has strep. I could have diagnosed him because his throat was that angry and gross looking yesterday.  He's on the upswing, but still home today.  He was very pathetic yesterday.  I almost started crying with him at one point because I knew how bad he felt. 

    We woke up to an area outage of our internet services.  I wasn't sure if I'd get to work today or not.  Thankfully it came up around 9:30 and I was about done with the Today Show at that point. 

    It's still raining cats and dogs.  I'd rather it be cold and sunny than this shit.  Here's hoping next week is better because this week has been crappy and I'm over it. 

    At least it's Prudie day.  :)
  • Another snow day here in paradise.  Schools are closed and we are expecting 3-6" with blizzard conditions.  Coming into work wasn't bad this morning but the evening commute will be a different story.  My DH's route was cancelled today due to weather and road conditions.

    I have no plans or appointments tonight so I'm happy to stay home.  I'm thinking a sheet pan dinner.  I do a simple one with chunks of potato, carrots, onion and smoked sausage and it's delicious.
  • levioosalevioosa Southern California
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    That’s annoying @eileenrob

    Healthy vibes for Defconn! 

    I have some appointments today in the afternoon. Before that I’m picking up the house and getting my nails done. I’m annoyed about the nails. Two days ago I thought they could at least last until Sunday. And then I immediately broke one and chipped another. Tomorrow I am meeting my mom for tea. I hope she can relax. There’s a lot of family drama with my brother and not much that’s going to change with it. 

  • ShesSoColdShesSoCold bend over and I'll show ya
    Moderator 5000 Comments Fifth Anniversary 500 Love Its
    Ugh that is frustrating, Eileen. Either leave me alone or give me the damn job. I'm sorry.

    I'm sorry DefCon is so sick! Poor guy. I hope he gets better and it doesn't spread!

    Yesterday, I panicked and told the office gossip I was moving. Unrelated, another lady in my dept. is retiring this summer. Office Gossip has a friend with experience in employee benefits who is looking, so she referred her, assuming it would be for Retiree's position. After the interview, the friend told Office Gossip that they told her one person was retiring and one was moving. OG got all mad and thought they were lying to her friend and was going to tell her not to take the job. So, not knowing what else to do and not wanting a good candidate to pass up the job, I told her. This morning I confessed to HR that I told OG. So now they're going to make the official announcement to avoid the whispering. I feel about an inch tall. 

    The paint estimate we got was astronomical ($950 for one room?!?!?!) so we need to get more quotes, and ASAP. H is going to be out of town Mon-Wed next week and I want the painting done the week after, so time is a-tickin'! Especially now that I may not have a job...LOL
    Image result for someecard betting someone half your shit youll love them forever
  • Sorry @eileenrob - atleast she did get back to you eventually.
    @mrsconn23 - hope defconn is back to himself soon
    @flantastic - yay for new used wheels

  • Chiquito pulled through and was back to himself again by the end of the day.

    I'm getting ready to head into an annoying meeting with a lot of work on my plate.  I have to figure out how to word my frustrations to my boss without throwing an entire team under the bus. 
  • Aw get well soon Defconn.  Congrats on the new car @flantastic and I blame OG for all of it @ShesSoCold. Safe travels out there @MNNEBride
  • @eileenrob, sorry to hear the job went to someone else.  It is extra annoying, considering she had reached out to you.

    @OliveOilsMom, I love omelets with all kinds of stuff in them.  I'm jealous!  One of my favorite breakfast places has a Crab and Brie omelet covered in hollandaise sauce.  Now you have me fantasizing about it, lol.

    @mrsconn23, I hope DefConn gets better soon!

    @MNNEBride, We had to put the a/c on last night for the first time in months, lol.  I wish I could send you some of the heat!

    @flantastic, that's great news about the car!  Your PILs are so generous.

    @levioosa, I feel your angst about nails!  My pet peeve is when I've occasionally had nails break within 1-2 days of getting them done.

    @ShesSoCold, If it's a bigger room...like the living room...I'd call $950 on the high side, but probably not outrageous.  Painting is so labor-intensive, especially because it requires the person to make multiple trips to allow for drying between coats.  But definitely shop around.  I'd think you can find it cheaper.  My H and I paid a handyman $3K to paint a 2bd/1ba 800SF unit, though that also included extra work to smooth out the walls.  Plus, his specialty was painting and he was highly recommended by two different neighbors.

    Not much going on with me I haven't already mentioned.  I've been burning the candle at both ends the last few days, all while feeling extra tired because I'm sick.  Today will be a little better, but I really need it to be the weekend so I can get as much sleep as I want, lol. 

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  • OliveOilsMomOliveOilsMom South Jersey
    Eighth Anniversary 5000 Comments 500 Love Its 5 Answers

    Poor DefConn!  Hope he continues to get better quick!

    SSC - I've seen painters have groupons, maybe check there?  Or see if anyone you know who has a handy man they frequently use? 

    Flan - How generous of your ILs! 

  • Poor DefConn strep sucks. 

    Im finally starting to feel normal after my whirlwind work trip. I went to bed at 8:30 last night and it was glorious! 

    Work is a little frustrating; my manager is starting a new team dynamic to be more “agile” and have two week deliverables for projects. Cool, easy way to show progress. But somehow that has now turned into 1 week deliverables and a lot of, not micro-managing, but kind of. And it’s fine, I get the point, but it’s also frustrating because in between the weekly deliverables he was frequently (almost daily) updates. I spend more time updating than I do actually working. I miss vacation. 
  • 6fsn6fsn
    Knottie Warrior 10000 Comments 500 Love Its Name Dropper

    I'm sorry @eileenrob

    @mrsconn23 has he had strep a lot or am I confusing him with ever other kid I know? Poor kid.

    The weather is warm, but dark and gross.  I brought my computer upstairs because the basement is extra gloomy and the sump pump is going off constantly.  I bet DH has some interesting commutes today from high water.

    Nothing much else.  6let had this regional evaluation over the weekend. Kids with a high enough number get asked to a national ID camp.  We went into it with the idea that he'd learn skills, have fun, and get an idea about what he needs to work on.  DH got an email this morning from the program director with a bunch of information on a sports trip to Argentina.  There is a name on the email that is one letter off of ours so I'm HOPING that this is just a mistaken identity and we don't really have to consider this.  Which, no. I'm not taking my 10 year old to Argentina (even though the all in cost is "only" $1100- flight, hotel, food, sightseeing)

  • 6fsn said:

    @mrsconn23 has he had strep a lot or am I confusing him with ever other kid I know? Poor kid.

    He's never had strep before.  I thought he had it last week, but it was a false alarm.  Ear infections were his jam as a toddler and we had to do tubes.  BUT he has my massive tonsils, so we'll see how this shapes up in the future.  I should have had mine removed as a child and was one case away from it happening.  I've had strep 3x since I was an adult and the last two times, it took 2 antibiotics to kill it.  So...yeah.  Odds are not in DefConn's favor, but fingers crossed.  ;) 
  • Sending healing vibes to DefConn and to @short+sassy!

    That really sucks @eileenrob. That just seems really unprofessional to me.

    Your work situation sounds annoying, @charlotte989875. My current boss is pretty awesome and trusts me, but I’ve had micromanagers before. Really tiresome.

    I feel your pain about nails, @levioosa. Mine break if I look at them funny. 

    Nice productive day at work. Found out I’m getting a cost of living increase. Instead of doing a percentage of salary, my employer is doing a flat amount for everyone, figuring that the lower your wages, the higher percent increase you get. I did the math and figured out that it’s about $50 more per paycheck. No complaints from me.

    Came home and took Mutt out and did some puttering around online. I have to write SD’s Valentine and drop it in the mail tomorrow, and I want to write a note to my grandma. I’m probably going to do some reading in my book club book tonight too. 

    DW’s road trip did not have an auspicious start. MOH hit a nasty pothole. No one’s hurt, but she needs two new tires, which put a crimp in their plans for tomorrow. They’re probably going to stay an extra day because of that, which is fine with me. I’m cleaning the house this weekend, and it’s a lot easier to do when it’s just me.

    Congrats on the raise! That’s always exciting. 

    My boss is (usually) pretty good so I’m hoping this is just the adjustment period as we move to a better system and it’s just working out the kinks. Really hoping it’s not the new normal!
  • short+sassyshort+sassy
    5000 Comments Fifth Anniversary 500 Love Its First Answer
    edited February 8
    DW’s road trip did not have an auspicious start. MOH hit a nasty pothole. No one’s hurt, but she needs two new tires, which put a crimp in their plans for tomorrow. They’re probably going to stay an extra day because of that, which is fine with me. I’m cleaning the house this weekend, and it’s a lot easier to do when it’s just me.

    Last year, I had JUST put new tires on my car.  Less than a week later, I saw a very large pothole too late and it knocked most of the air out of both front tires!  I was able to limp myself to a safe place to park the vehicle.  But needed a tow truck to get it back to Firestone.

    It was a big hassle, but fortunately didn't cost me anything.  I had road/hazard insurance on the tires, but they weren't even damaged anyway.  They just had to pumped back up with air.

    I saw an article awhile back that ranked cities with the worst potholes.  Boston was #1 and NOLA was #2.  I believe it!

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