Very limited hotel options for guests

My fiancé and I want to get married at his parents’ home in Sharon, CT in September 2019. There are very limited hotel options there, and all of them are already booked up until at least November 2019. Most guests will be coming from 2-3 hours away and a good number will be flying in. There are other hotel options around 30 minutes away, but guests would have to disperse to a few different hotels, possibly have long drives (no Lyft/Uber there) and we don’t want people to leave early because they aren’t drinking or because they ended up not getting a hotel room. We could also offer a shuttle to those hotels but could only do 1-2 if they are further away. Our fear is that people won’t book hotels until a few months before and then everything in the area will be completely booked (since it’s obviusoy a popular time to go). How much should we worry about hotels for guests? Do people usually make it work (Airbnb or stay further away if they want to come? I’m just not sure if we are overthinking it and if maybe it’s an issue a lot of couples have to think about. Any advice or experience would be so helpful!
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