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Wedding Woes

Rural wedding with no close hotels

My fiancé and I want to get married at his parents’ home in Sharon, CT in September 2019. It’s rural and there are very limited hotel options there, and all of them are already booked up until at least November 2019.

Most guests will be coming from 2-3 hours away and a good number will be flying in. There are other hotel options around 30-45 minutes away that we could do a hotel block at but guests would have long drives (no Lyft/Uber there) and we don’t want people to leave early because they aren’t drinking in anticipation of a long drive. We could also offer a shuttle to those hotels If there are any around. Also, they could camp or crash in a large room in the house.

Our fear is that people won’t book hotels until a few months before and then everything in the area will be completely booked (since it’s a popular time to go). How much should we worry about hotels for guests? Do people usually make it work (Airbnb or stay further away if they want to come? I’m just not sure if we are overthinking it and if maybe it’s an issue a lot of couples have to think about in rural areas. Any advice or experience would be so helpful!

Re: Rural wedding with no close hotels

  • OK - so your wedding location is far out in a lovely location.   Are there local inns that you can contact for recommendations?  I'd even see if you can find a local forum on Facebook to see what people have recommended.   

    Friends of ours were married pretty much exactly where you propose and it was GORGEOUS but being in state we drove in and out the same day.

    Honestly depending on your ages I don't know how big a deal that ends up being.   This was 13 years ago and the wedding was at around 1, we drove the hour plus up and back and didn't hotel it later.   We sometimes do that depending on the area knowing that it's often easier to just lay off the booze and drive earlier.   So if you DO opt for something like this I'd have the reception not ending at 11.

    But things to consider in addition to the hotels that aren't close are what others have stated.   Unless your FI's parents have a big family and host hundreds frequently then you'll need to bring in A LOT including toilets.   My guess is that his parents aren't on city sewers up there which is going to mean overworking a well pump and septic system.   So that's everything from the bathrooms to the forks that will be needed.   It can work - but it's often going to be just as expensive as using a local location. 

    Before you scrap the plan entirely see if there are places that are near you that will work.   And also talk to your traveling VIPs.   They can also shed some light on whether or not they think they'd plan to drive in and out or not. 
  • I don’t think you can have it both ways. I would come and book a hotel and make it work. Which would mean either me or my date or a carpool driver not drinking. Which I’d be fine with but you can’t expect me to be doing shots until 11 if this is your plan and under no circumstances do I camp or crash on someone’s couch. 
  • You’re right to be asking yourself these questions, but don’t you kind of have the answer?  Your wedding is in Sept but all of the hotels are booked.  I’d search for a venue closer to the hotels with room, 30-45min away.  If I drove 2-3 hrs I wouldn’t feel like being on a shuttle for an extra hour-hr and a half.
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