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Everyone off today?


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    Congrats to 6let!  How awesome! I know you were waiting on pins and needles last week for that.

    oh dear - SSC.  A bomb?!?  But also, can we go back to the Kelly Kopowski porn?  Because I got questions.... is that really Tiffany Amber Theissan  or...?  Asking for a friend....

    i have been at my place for 3 years and still get mail from the prior owners.  I throw out cc offers and stuff but If it looks important I “return to sender” it too. One time I used her 20% coupon at ulta.  I’m a member myself but they cant seem to get MY mailings right.  I can’t wait to use her Victoria’s Secret coupons when that time comes around...
    Yess!! H didn't know who she was (what kind of 80s kid didn't watch SBTB?!) and the porn is laying on the bar when I got home and I immediately go "OMG IS THAT KELLY KAPOWSKI!?" LOL. If you're wondering, there was no full frontal. And it was from 2000.
    No.  My friend was wondering.  
    LMAO sorry. That was a "general you". Because I would definitely be curious. LOL 
    Image result for someecard betting someone half your shit youll love them forever
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