Wedding Woes

We made it to Prudie Day!

What's going on? 

I was hoping to have tile done today, but they're not even starting until tomorrow. They're promising to be done Saturday. But it sucks that paint was done Tuesday and we didn't know until last night that tile wouldn't start until tomorrow. We could have picked up our dog for these couple days. :( I miss her. Oh well, she's happy at her vacation home (my dad's). 

I'd taken tomorrow off but just traded it in for Tuesday. So I'm only working Wednesday and Thursday next week. Took Monday and Tuesday to clean and prep for listing and Friday for H's VASECTOMY!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED! 
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Re: We made it to Prudie Day!

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    Woohoo @ShesSoCold!! Are you still planning to list the house next week? What’s the market like in your area? 

    Big day today; making a presentation to the entire division and I’m a little nervous. The work is good but it can be a tough crowd. 

    H has another phone interview on Friday that he’s real excited about. This one seems to be moving a lot faster than the others he’s met with recently so all the good vibes! 
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    Well, I knew the day was going to be interesting when FIL called me at 6:45.   MIL was rushed to the hospital and now about 3 hours later she's going to have her appendix removed.   I'm saying a prayer that all goes well and that she's able to have a laparoscopic procedure to be home today or tomorrow.   

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    edited February 2019
    Ugh. I’m already exhausted and it’s not even 10:00.

    Today would have been my Oma’s 97th birthday (she died in April), and it would have been DW’s father’s 64th birthday (he died in 2014, but DW has recently uncovered some issues around him). This is going to be a rough day for both of us.

    ETA: Oh, and the courtroom secretary who actually works is out sick today, so I have to do her work because the other courtroom secretary is a lazy airhead.
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    We survived the Blizzard of 2019.  We got a foot of snow Saturday into Sunday and then big winds with gusts up to 55 mph.  Our plow guys did a great job on the apartment parking lot and driveways before noon on Sunday.  However, we couldn't get out the back door (it opens out) due to drifting.  The front door opens in so we could open it but once you stepped of the stoop, the drifts were thigh high.  They didn't do any sidewalks.  I held out hope they would come back early Monday morning but no such luck.  We keep a shovel inside, just in case, and I used that to shovel a path out the front and to the city sidewalk.  I was able to get to the garage and drive to another bus stop.  Got to work about 9:30.  Would have just worked from home but we had the start of a 10 day orientation so could not re-schedule.  The piles of snow are unreal.  Our boulevard is piled above my shoulders.  We are expecting another 1-3" tomorrow morning to add to approx 30" on the ground - ick!

    This morning I had an appointment to get TSA pre-check at 7:40 AM.  I was there by 7:20 and didn't get called back until 8:10.  Only one lady working and her co-worker had overslept so it was really backed up.  It was a pop-up station at a hotel close to work.  DH is going out to the airport next week for his.  Looking forward to walking past the long TSA lines!

    WTG @ShesSoCold - getting a home ready to sell is no small feat.
    Good luck @charlotte989875!  Presenting to peers can be harder than strangers.  

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    Good luck to you and your H @charlotte989875 , prayers for your MIL @banana468 and comforting vibes to you and your W @OurWildKingdom
    YIKES @MNNEBride that's intense!!

    Still can't log in via mobile.  SSDD by me.
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    Oh no, Banana.  T+P's for your MIL.   WAHOO on the house SSC. 

    I'm tired today.  I'm looking at Prudie right now. 

    We have a boy scout bowling thing tonight.  I need to remember to bring my checkbook so I can pay his dues...I never write checks, ha.  I'm hoping I can nap a little over lunch so I feel better this evening and not tired/cranky/run down. 
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    Thanks @mrsconn23!  She doesn't handle anesthesia particularly well so we'll see how it goes but my hope is that she's home if not today then by tomorrow.

    NEVER a dull moment!
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    @SheSoCold, bummer about the slight delay in the big home projects.  I know you were looking forward to a deep clean today or tomorrow, lol.  Go SSS's H!

    @charlotte989875, good luck to you on your presentation and good luck to your H!

    @banana468, I hope everything goes well with your MIL's surgery.

    @OurWildKingdom, I'm sorry this is going to be a rough day for you and your DW.

    @MNNEBride, phew!  So much snow!  But it should be getting better/warmer now.  We're almost to Spring, aren't we, lol?

    My new tenant moved in yesterday and (I'm assuming) everything is fine.  The only thing I am slightly worried about is the water person was supposed to meet her yesterday to put in a new meter, so I hope there were no issues.  Plus, we didn't get to check all the faucets/shower/toilet because the water was off for move-out check.  My H is going to be there today anyway because we need to put up a new medicine cabinet, so I'll have him make sure everything is good.

    I feel bad for my H, though.  He was feeling really bad last night.  He looked better this morning, but said he still felt pretty sick.  Unfortunately, he still has a number of important things to get done today and can't stay home and rest.
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    banana468 said:
    Thanks @mrsconn23!  She doesn't handle anesthesia particularly well so we'll see how it goes but my hope is that she's home if not today then by tomorrow.

    NEVER a dull moment!
    Hope all is well today!!
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    T&Ps for your MIL @banana468. Hopefully she'll be able to come home quickly. Good luck with all the house stuff @ShesSoCold! @MNNEBride there is no way I could put up with all that snow. I would go bonkers. 

    I'm still feeling puny so I didn't go to the gym this morning. Just did a light workout at home. I need to hit my desk and do some organizing - I've been putting it off way too long! Other that not much happening. 
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    You have a busy week coming up
    @ShesSoCold, and I bet once the tile is in, you’ll feel so much better
    @charlotte989875 good luck to hubby!  Crossing my fingers for ya
    @banana468 what a sucky way to start the day.  Hope all goes well. 
    @MNNEBride.  Fuck the snow.  Fuck this winter.  i keep trying to do the whole tsa precheck thing but never find the motivation to do it.
    @OurWildKingdom, sorry such a rough day.  

    So I got slammed with a big project at work that I wanted to have finished before I left but it wont be done.  I was working with our software programer on when and what to order so the whole system doesnt get backed up.  Guess who backed up the system?  In my defense I have an email with her telling me what to release and when and she was keeping an eye on it but this morning I got an email saying its backed up and no one’s requests will get done till this weekend.  Ummmm I was working with you to avoid this!  I even asked if I should hold off but she said request it anyway.  

    Now everyone in my department will be complaining about me and I really have no way to defend myself!

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    @OurWildKingdom hugs for both you and DW

    @charlotte989875 good luck today!

    @ShesSoCold lol we used to call my grandparent’s house our old dog’s “vacation home” too. 

    @banana468 good vibes for MIL!

    @CharmedPam that sucks. I’d be so annoyed at that programmer. 

    Running errands today, going on a hike, and getting my nails done. FI is still sick, I hope it’s exponentially better than yesterday, but I haven’t been able to talk to him yet. I’m really hoping he feels better because I’d like to enjoy this weekend instead of stressing about taking it easy 

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    Work was so busy yesterday and I was trying to keep up with the Cohen stuff!

    DD had her 2 year check up yesterday and all is perfect with her!  She is just shy of 30 lbs!  My tiny 1% in everything newborn has certainly rebounded!  She is in the upper 70% now!

    Today is payday, so we will go out to eat and then run to BJs for some bulk shopping.

    Banana - I hope all goes well with MIL!

    Charlotte - Good luck in your presentation!

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    Glad to see Thursday. The sun is shining and it’s helping my mood a little. I got my taxes filed, had a nice small group this morning and now I’m off to another grocery store. I shit you not we have eaten12 lbs of fruit since Sunday. 
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    I'm so glad it's finally Friday. It has been a rough week at work and I was sick. My bed is calling my name. 

    Hi Ladies.
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    Sending good thought and vibes to MIL, banana! I hope she gets to go home soon!
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