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Bridesmaid Attire

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I'm recently engaged and haven't asked my bridesmaids yet since it is still very early but I have started to browse through dresses to get ideas. My thought was to choose a color and length and let them choose their own dresses. I really love a certain designer whose dresses tend to run between $199-350. Though I plan to ask their budgets before making any decisions I fear this may be beyond some of their budgets HOWEVER twice a year this designer has flash sales and sells off their dresses for $89-99. Would it be acceptable to still choose this designer and tell them to just wait for the flash sale? If not I will consider alternate options. Thanks for any advice!!!

Re: Bridesmaid Attire

  • I would go with your first instinct and give them a color and length. Let them choose their own dresses. That way you don't have to worry about their budgets or the designer's sale.

    I agree with this. And if for whatever reason you want them all to pick from the same designer, choose one that you know they can all afford regardless of a sale.
  • Prior to looking at dresses, I asked all of my bridesmaids if they had a budget then I worked within that budget. All of mine bridesmaids are wearing the exact same dress because we wanted it to be uniform. If you don't care about it being uniform, then I would say tell them a color and length and let them pick. 
  • Assuming you give them option to choose a length and color, it's fine to casually mention that designer and that they have great flash sales twice a year.  But not require they use dresses from that designer, unless the non-sale prices fall within what everyone tells you is their budget.

    As an aside, make sure to ask people for their budget individually.
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    Besides giving them a length and color or palette, give them also a general “mood.” Indoor, outdoor? Time of day? That will help them shop.
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