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Name Change - Maiden to Middle Process

Any married ladies drop their middle name and replace it with their maiden name? I'm looking to go from First Middle Maiden to First Maiden NewLast - i.e. going from Jane Marie Smith marrying John Doe so I would be Jane Smith Doe. 

This seems to be a nonissue for Social Security from what I've heard because SS doesn't consider your middle name to be part of your legal name.

PA DMV requires some extra documentation, but not a court order. Just passport, voter registration, and taxes or bank statement in that name. 

I'm trying to figure out if this type of name change is okay for a passport renewal. My marriage certificate has my full maiden name and that I married my spouse and his full name. I called the passport helpline and the woman didn't seem to understand what I was asking and told me that if my marriage certificate didn't have my "new name" that I needed to show proof of using my married name for 5 years or I needed a court order. DMV said to get the passport first, but others are saying to get the new license first. Any input? Thanks!

Re: Name Change - Maiden to Middle Process

  • I went from First Middle Maiden to First Middle Maiden NewLastName, and I haven’t had many problems. This is still a name change because you’re getting a new last name. 

    I did my SS first, then license, then passport and didn’t have any problems (but I was in NC at the time). 

    If you do SS first then your license, then it shouldn’t matter to the passport agency what your marriage license says, because according to the passport site if your name changed due to marriage all you need is an ID (so drivers license) with the new name. Check the please note at the end of the second section. 

  • ILoveBeachMusicILoveBeachMusic Indiana member
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    When I got my new secure ID driver's license here in Indiana, they took the SS card are the legal name. So if you have your new name on your SS card then they should take that at your DMV so then you can use that for your passport.
  • Thanks so much for the input! I will head to SS first then the DMV and then passport.
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