Day of Wedding Helper!

Hi community! 

My fiancé and I are having our wedding at Brix and Mortar in May. The staff should be quite helpful in running the wedding so we were told we wouldn't need a wedding coordinator day of. However, it's becoming apparent that there will be a few things we will need extra help with. For instance, putting the flowers on the tables, hanging up certain decorations, and taking the flowers from the chairs used during the ceremony and repurposing them for the dessert table, etc. My fiancé and mom were originally going to help with these things. But I'm worried it may be a little too much to worry about on the day. 

Does anyone have any recommendations of someone we could hire for a few hours on the day to help? They wouldn't need to be an official wedding planning/coordinator. Just someone with a bit of artistic vision who could be an extra set of hands. 

We're really trying to keep costs down so look forward to any creative solutions. 

Thanks so much!!! 
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