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Dietary Restrictions on RSVPs?

Debating whether I should include an insert with my wedding invitations & RSVPs (RSVPs have already been printed). We haven’t set our menu in stone yet, but it will be a buffet. However, my fiancé and I are planning on having vegan and gluten free cupcakes for the “groom’s cake” and we want to make sure we have enough of each for those with dietary restrictions.


Re: Dietary Restrictions on RSVPs?

  • You could have a note saying to contact you at your phone number and/or email with any dietary concerns. I think that is what we did for DD's wedding. 
    This is what we did and we had meal choices. I just put my email & phone number and said please contact me with any dietary questions or accommodations. 
  • We plan on including a place on our invitation for anyone to write in any dietary restrictions they might have. We are doing buffet/stationary style. You could do like a little business card with a place for someone to wright in a dietary restriction and if they have one they can send that card back with the rsvp. Or you could put a card with you email and phone number with instructions for guests to call you with any dietary restrictions. 
  • Honestly, depending on the number of guests, this could be overly complicated. If you are having a large wedding, it may be easiest to accommodate major dietary concerns when you set your menu (vegan, gluten free, nut free, for example), then tweak it as requests come in. 
  • It's really your call, and as others said it could get complicated in a hurry.  My in-laws have gluten free, dairy free, nut free, vegan, sugar, ginger, pepper, banana, (and a couple more) sensitivities, it really gets to the point of "how would you like your ice cube served?"..  But really, for those with sensitivities it is nice to know that there'll be something to eat besides the salad..  So I'd say yes but to call you on them because there are a lot of people who don't "like" a food but those with allergies/intolerances are the ones who will make that extra step, also, keep it simple and work with your caterer for the option that fits the dietary challenges.  
  • I recommend making sure your "vegetarian" meal is both vegan and GF, because then that encompasses the majority of allergens. 
  • I recommend making sure your "vegetarian" meal is both vegan and GF, because then that encompasses the majority of allergens. 
    Totally agree! We did the same thing so we didn’t need separate vegan/vegetarian options for those who requested one. 
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