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How to include sibling's SO

Hi everyone,
My fiance's younger brother (who is Best Man) and his girlfriend have been dating for 5 years now, and while we're not close enough for her to be a bridesmaid, I still want to include her somehow. Any suggestions?

Re: How to include sibling's SO

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    Member of the BP and reader are really the only roles.  And singer, if you’re having music and if she’s got a great voice/is comfortable doing so.  Don’t worry too much about her having a role though.  Just being a guest is an honor.  
    Sit them together during the reception, ask if she’d rather hang with the BP during photos instead of attending cocktail hour (I mean I’d prefer the latter but you never know).  
    My sister was engaged at my wedding but her FI (now my BIL, an anazing guy) wasn’t in me and H’s BP.  My H wasn’t in their BP either.  It’s not uncommon for the SO or spouse of BP members to just be guests.
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    I'd just give her a bout an put her in some photos. If you want a reader and she's comfortable, that makes sense, but she doesn't need a title to be included. "Guest" is included. 
  • She could be a reader OR you can just be really inclusive with the BP.

    -If you're doing post-ceremony photos include her.
    -If you're doing BP transportation include her. 
    -Make sure she's seated with her BF at the reception (as you should for the entire BP). 
    -And if you do any kind of pre-reception grouping with the BP include their SOs.
  • A friend of mine (I was MOH) invited her brother's SO's to have lunch in the bridal suite with her and the bridal party, I thought that was nice. 

    Besides that, family photos and possibly a reserved seat in the front of the ceremony should be sufficient!
  • I was the SO of someone in the WP, and the bride invited me to the bridesmaid's luncheon, which I thought was very kind, but unnecessary. It really is okay just to be a guest at the wedding. As long as you're hosting properly (no cash bar, for example), she will feel included and welcome.
  • Ask...  Since you aren't that close, that's the way to go since she's not marrying/engaged yet...
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  • I would ask, if she's known you long enough she could do a talk or just include her in all of your festivities like bachelorette and bridal shower, and have her get ready with the bridesmaids if you don't feel comfortable to have her in your line. I have a few friends I would love to include in my bridal party but it would be too much so they are partaking in all the events without actually being in in and they are super excited about it.
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