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Hello people,

I am in the process of finishing my invites and wanted to know if anybody had experience with was sealed stamps. I have heard some mixed reviews, but mostly negative on other sites. I really love the look of them and have fun doing them. Has anybody had problems with the seal breaking off in the mail? I heard that most sealing waxes are made for that not to happen, therefor are flexible and better quality. How much extra is the postage for wax sealed invites? I already pre stamped all of the envelopes so I hope I just have to pay a fee and not end up have to use different stamps. Is hand cancelling even a good idea anymore? Is it a guarantee that they will not run them through any machines? I spent a lot of time on these and hope they don't end up just getting ruined. 

Re: Wax seals

  • Honestly, I would save the money for something else. The post office can be such a pain in the ass sometimes. It might not even get delivered in a timely fashion if you have a wax seal on it. I know they are really pretty and all that but people really aren't going to remember if you had a wax seal or not on your invitation. They will remember if the wedding was hosted properly and they had a nice time.
  • I've done quite a bit with wax seals.  Yes, they come off easily in the mail, SNS, the current waxes aren't the ones of 40 years ago in terms of stick/durability, and even then they get stuck in the machines.  If you're going to go this route, the way to do it since you're going to be paying for the more expensive postage is to put the invites with the wax seals in a bubble mailer and send them that way, this way they won't get caught in machines and never delivered.  SNS - hand stamping only happens once, the rest is still mechanized for process regardless of how much you spend on postage.  Then, deliver the ones that are local personally.

    I agree with the PP, use the money you'd spend on this for something that really impacts your guest's experience (larger slice of cake, extra dessert, enhanced entre', etc.)..  
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