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wedding band prices

I am having an off-peak, daytime wedding.  Should I expect to pay less for a band?  The date is April 27, 2013.


I heard somewhere that bands generally charge less for a daytime event because they still have the option of booking a night event....but I just don't see how that's possible if the night event is far away.  What should I expect?


Did anyone use Vision?  They are our favorite band so far.  I've heard a lot of good reviews about Times Square Orchestra too.  We're going to see their showcase soon.  

Re: wedding band prices

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    I used Vision!  They were AMAZING!!!!  Our dance floor was packed the entire night.  Rasheeda was so easy to work with (she's the lead singer, used to sing backup for Janet Jackson!) and they did EVERYTHING we asked for.  They're amazing talented and such NICE people.  You won't regret working with them.

    RIP Dr. Irving Fishman - 10/1/19-7/25/10 - thank you for holding on for me.
    You made my wedding day complete.
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