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What drinks do I need?

I am trying to figure out what I want our bar to include (on a very tight budget). My fiancee and I mostly drink whiskey with soda. We think our guests are mostly beer and whiskey drinkers, with a few vodka and wine drinkers. So I think that Id like to have beer, whiskey, and some sort of sangria signature cocktail, as well as mixers. I am wondering if I need champagne for toasting? Also, should I include vodka and/or wine? 

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Re: What drinks do I need?

  • You don't need to have champagne for toasting. A toast can be done with any beverage. When one has a very tight budget, usually a wine and beer bar is recommended. That is cheaper than having a bar with liquor. It sounds as if your crowd drinks more liquor though so you should probably offer some liquor. I would not have a sangria cocktail though - not quite sure why you were including this. I do think a basic red and white wine should be offered. I don't drink beer or whiskey so would be a bit put out to not have a choice of an alcoholic drink. Of course, you can offer what ever you want but it is nice to consider your guests' preferences and you did say some of your guests are wine drinkers.
  • I agree with having a whiskey signature cocktail since there are a good amount of whiskey drinkers in the crowd.  You also want to include a few beers and a red and white wine.  Beer and wine is generally going to appeal to the largest audience for people who drink alcohol.
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  • For alcoholic drinks I’d skip the sangria and do a red wine, a white win, a variety of beers (lagers, IPAs, something on the lighter side), whiskey and vodka. 

    For non-alcoholic I’d do coffee/tea (with dessert or out the entire time), water, and pop (soda). If you’re also going to use the pop as mixers make sure that there is enough. 
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