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Reform Jewish Wedding on Saturday ( Cocktail => Ceremony => Reception)

soniayunuensoniayunuen member
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Hi everyone, 

I am trying to figure out the flow of my evening, and would love some input. Because we are getting married on a Saturday, we are starting the evening with cocktail, then ceremony, and then reception. 

I am still trying to figure out the entrance for the ceremony. We are reform but would like to incorporate as much of tradition as possible. Our setup will be such that the guests will be coming into ballroom after cocktail for the ceremony. I am wondering if this a good time to have someone lead everyone into the room with Od Yishama (used for Bedeken in Orthodox weddings), and then our small procession begins. We will be having 4 carry the chuppah into the center of the dance floor. 

Tips or suggestions? Similar situations? 

thanks! Mia 
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