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I have a little bit of a mommy pooch from having 3 children, however I fell in love with this dress and bought it. I have lost about 11lbs since these pictures however my pooch is still noticeable. My fmil is a steamtress and will be letting my dress out just a little bit since it zips up the sides to have it lay better. Question is my pooch is more of flabby stretched out skin then fat. And with the back of my dress the way it is I can wear certain undergarments. Anyone have any suggestions to help with making the pooch seem flatter? Maybe tapping to smooth it out? 


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    You look absolutely gorgeous!

    I’ve heard good things about HerRoom if you want to try some shapewear. They have a pretty wide range of sizes.

    Also, a good seamstress is key. They might be able to sew something into your dress.
  • If you have a Nordstrom by your the employees in the lingerie/women’s undergarments section are INCREDIBLE at finding the right things to go under dresses. Just be sure to take the dress with you. 
  • First - I'm trying to find this "pooch" you're referring to...  SNS - you look fantastic, stop being so harsh on your self! 

    Given that the back of your dress is sheer and the way that type of dress fits (any body), shapewear will either show lines or extenuate your mid-section rather than hide anything you're trying to adjust because of the style if you were to wear something under the dress (can only be the long briefs)..   I actually had this discussion with my niece and her similar cut dress for Prom, she was thinking she needed shapewear because of a pose in the mirror showed her looking "poochy", the reality is, the "hug" of the dress if you aren't standing in the correct position will make even the tiniest among us (I swear, this niece is a size 2 and tall).  The important thing is make sure the dress is pulled down such that the hips are squared on the hips (a tendency of the style is to shift around)..  This also requires you do a little practice in poses for pictures, there is going to be a direction that your body looks the best in any outfit/dress, practice this and know it so you're prepared on your wedding day!  But really, you look great in your dress, stop stressing out about something that no one else will see/notice!

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