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Wedding DURING deployment???

We scheduled our wedding many months ago and now, 7 months from the wedding, we learn that FI may get deployed 2 months before the wedding. He says he will be able to take leave and come home for the wedding (then finish up the year long deployment :# ) but I'm concerned. I'd never heard of a military clause when we booked everything 6 months ago so that's out. Would you lose deposits and reschedule? Stick to plan A and pray the leave goes through? 
Also, any advice on being countries apart the first year of marriage? 
I am just completely blindsided by this and not sure how to proceed from here :'(

Re: Wedding DURING deployment???

  • How long would it be before you all would know, for sure?  If it wouldn't be until the last minute, then you all do need to make these decisions soon.

    If you all decide to reschedule, definitely talk to the vendors you have deposits with.  I wouldn't be surprised if some/many of them would let you change the date, ie move the deposit to the new date.  But they are going to be a LOT more amenable to that if they're given enough time to hopefully fill your all's current date.

    I'm sorry this is happening.  I can't speak from personal experience, but I think being apart from your SO for a year would be equally tough, whether you all decide to get married before or after.  Though perhaps there would be an extra sting if it is while you are all newlyweds.  Then on the "pro" side, there might be advantages to being his wife as he is getting ready to come back from deployment.  For example, maybe there is paperwork and arrangements at wherever his next post is that you can get a jump start on, as his legal spouse.  So you all can at least move more seamlessly into your all's marital home.  Especially if it involves moving.  I don't know that for sure, but it wouldn't surprise me.
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