Bachelorette Party!

So I am having a very small wedding with just family, I my sister wants to throw me a bachelorette party. Would it be rude to invite girls to a bachelorette party that are not invited to the wedding?

Re: Bachelorette Party!

  • Unfortunately, yes it would.  Bachelorette parties are a pre-wedding event and it's rude to invite people to a pre-wedding event, if they aren't invited to the wedding.  Same goes for bridal showers.

    What I would suggest instead is you all plan for a girl's night out.  Just like you normally would.  But don't call it a bachelorette party and don't use the kinds of "props" that often go with it, ie "bride" sash, various penis party favors, etc.

    Or have a your sister throw you a bachelorette party, but only invite the women you want there who are also invited to the wedding.

    I had an intimate wedding myself with less than 35 guests.  Pretty much just close friends and family.  There are so many "pros" to that, but sometimes it can also mean foregoing some of the "typical" wedding stuff.  I didn't have a bachelorette party or a bridal shower because it just wouldn't have made sense with the guest list and logistics. 
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