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Photos a year after

My wife and I were married almost a year ago and I started thinking of the photos/videos we didn't see of our big day. I am mainly looking for a video of our first dance.

I was going to make a Facebook post to only show to people who attended the wedding and ask them to send me the pictures/videos.

I thought it'd be nice way for my wife and I to relive the day through our guests eyes and give guests a chance to share photos/videos they maybe forgot to. I figure I run the chance of no one sending anything, but thought its worth a try. My question, what do you all think? Is this an odd request? Would you do something similar or heard of someone doing something similar?

Any insight is greatly appreciated.

-Year 1 Husband

Re: Photos a year after

  • I think that is a reasonable request. I've seen similar questions here and there and I would think if anyone has a video or photo of your first dance, they would be happy to share it!
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    I don't think there is any harm in making the request. However, if/when I take video at an event, I typically share it almost immediately.  I do not typically save videos from events for a long time unless it involves immediate family.
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