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Photos a year after

My wife and I were married almost a year ago and I started thinking of the photos/videos we didn't see of our big day. I am mainly looking for a video of our first dance.

I was going to make a Facebook post to only show to people who attended the wedding and ask them to send me the pictures/videos.

I thought it'd be nice way for my wife and I to relive the day through our guests eyes and give guests a chance to share photos/videos they maybe forgot to. I figure I run the chance of no one sending anything, but thought its worth a try. My question, what do you all think? Is this an odd request? Would you do something similar or heard of someone doing something similar?

Any insight is greatly appreciated.

-Year 1 Husband

Re: Photos a year after

  • You can always ask. After a year, I would think that anyone who had anything good would have posted it/sent it already, or deleted it. I wouldn't video a couple dancing at their wedding, but if I did I'd send it to them a few days later and delete it. If I had any good photos, I'd probably post them on social media and tag the couple, or just send them.

    This was a thing about 15 years ago, after most people started using digital cameras but before social media was huge. People would create folders on photo sharing sites and invite guests to upload their photos right after the wedding.

    I wouldn't find your request totally out of place or weird, but I wouldn't get your hopes up that you're going to get some amazing stuff that you haven't seen already. 
  • I agree with @MyNameIsNot.  I don't think it's rude or weird to send a post to guests with this request.  And it doesn't hurt to ask.  There might be someone who has something.  But I also think it's much more likely that whatever people had was already sent to you or has been deleted.

    I also wouldn't think most people record a couple's first dance.  Maybe immediate family members would.

    Good luck with your search.  I hope I'm wrong and you all can find a video of your first dance.
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  • Try it! Your memories, your happiness.
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