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HELP! Videographer MIA 8 months after wedding - have some videos & need editing recommendations

We hired (and paid in full) the kindest videographer who had nothing but positive reviews on the Knot, Wedding Wire, Yelp, everywhere. Fast forward 8 months later and we still don't have our wedding video and it doesn't look like we'll ever get one from her because she's closing down her business.

We got married in September and in December, after we reached out about the status of our video, she told us that she was going through a tough time personally, but that she'd have our video done in the next few months. We've been nothing but compassionate, patient, and supportive, knowing full well that other clients were probably far less accommodating. We reached out to her in March, no response. So two weeks ago I tried again and she responded saying that she was closing down her business and gave us a link to the raw videos in Google Drive (and that she'd try to stay in touch to refund the work not yet completed).

I'm crushed. We're crushed. My husband's grandfather is getting older and we know his marrying of us will be the last big speech he'll make (big deal, because he was a pastor and it was my husband's dream to have him marry us and get the video so we could show our kids what the guy was like that raised him). From what I can see in the footage she sent, she only got snippets of his ceremony speech (this was honestly what we wanted more than anything and came as part of her package: a full ceremony video).

I doubt we'll see the money back, but most importantly at this point I just want to have the 3-5 minute video clip of our special day completed so we can watch it on our anniversary in September, and I can move past this seriously unfortunate experience that's emotionally clouding my thoughts of the day. Can anyone recommend a video editing professional or company? Super appreciate any advice you may have!
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