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My ceremony will take place at a church and the reception will take place practically 4 minutes walking distance away from the church. Weather permitting, I planned on walking with my wedding party to the reception after our vows and imagine most guests will do the same - so there is no need to include driving directions as the guests will likely pass the reception venue on the way to church or park at the reception venue and walk to the church and walk back.

My question is this - Is it necessary to include a reception card? Most advice has been yes, because they take place at different locations. However, because of their close proximity, I am wondering if I can get away without one.

If it is not necessary, how would you word the reception information on the invitation? I am thinking that including the town and state are redundant since it is the same as the church, but they are also on the same street - could I just put "reception to follow at the [reception hall]" ? Or should I include the street address only? I don't want the invitation to look like I am cramming all of the information on one piece of paper.

I plan on including tons of information like directions and even a map of the walking path to take on our website. 

Thank you for your input!!

Re: Invitation wording and locations

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    I would still do a reception card with the address of the reception hall. It's not really necessary to put directions, just the address. 

    However, I would expect that there could be someone who needs to skip the ceremony, or some that have limited mobility and prefer to park at the reception rather than walk. 
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    If you don't do a reception card then please list the reception location at the bottom of the invitation. 
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    We put it on the invitation itself. After all the ceremony details, we had a line that read "Reception immediately following, Venue Name, Venue Address"

    You don't need a separate reception card, but you do need to put the venue address.
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    I agree that a separate card isn't really necessary, but you should still have the reception venue's name and address on the invite.
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    Agree with PPs. Many years ago we put the reception venue name and venue at the bottom of the invitations in a little bit smaller font that said reception immediately following ....
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    It may "literally" be 4 minutes FOR YOU, but for those with mobility or other health issues, 4 minutes it is not.  I've got friends who are elite level in their sport right now whose butts are kicked being outside because of asthma (their sports are indoors or winter), walking 4 minutes outside right now, not happening, or if it rains, not likely to be desirable either.  Yes, include the info somewhere in the invitation of "Reception to follow immediately at Venue/address" and word of mouth that it's a 4-minute walk and encourage guests to park at the reception venue instead of the church if they're able and weather permits.  
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    definitely put the reception location and address on the invite or reception card, however you'd prefer.  We had a similar situation and since we did programs, I put walking directions to the reception on there.  
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