Bachelorette Gift for the Bride

My best friend is getting married and I am the MOH. She has explicitly asked that we NOT gift her any lingerie or 'dirty' gifts. I know gifts for the bride are not traditional at the bachelorette party, however since it will also be her birthday I would like to get her a tiny something. For example, at my bachelorette party she had everyone pick out a nail polish or lipstick where the name signified a memory we had together. She also turned it into a game where I had to guess who each was from.  I LOVED the idea but don't want to copy her own idea for her own party!  I would love any suggestions for similar ideas!

Re: Bachelorette Gift for the Bride

  • I'd try to do something catering to her interests and hobbies. Does she like to read, for instance? If so, I'd have everyone get her a book. Think about what other things she enjoys. 
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    I agree that more often than not, bachelorette gifts tend to be frivolous and a tad risqué.  However, if your crowd does prefer to get little somethings, and it is her birthday, there are still things you can consider.  

    Nice travel bags for make up and toiletries are always nice.  A cute luggage tag is practical but fun.  Perhaps you could come up with some nice but honeymoon/travel related gifts.  My daughter wrote thank you notes on her long plane ride for her honeymoon.  You could get notecards and a fun pen.  Books and magazines are also appropriate for travel and vacation.
  • Many people have used some version of that idea. So maybe use with body soap or a bath bomb in a fun shape or color that signifies the bride. 
  • My MOH gave me stuff for our honeymoon. Flip flops and a beach bag and stuff. I thought it was cute!
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