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In suite wedding reception help!

Hi everyone! I have started looking into a Vegas wedding and like the idea of a ceremony and reception in a hotel suite. We would have max 20 guests. How do I go about doing this?! Is it better to book a suite then get in minister, caterers and a bar etc seperate or book a wedding suite package through the hotel? I don't know where to start?! 

Re: In suite wedding reception help!

  • I'm not aware of any hotels that officially offer in-suite events outside of Mandalay with the hospitality suite, but that will bind you to using their catering (food and beverage) at greatly increased prices.  Most people that do in-suites will just book the room as if they're staying in it, and then hire their own vendors.  Some event planning firms will handle all the sub contractors for you, if you don't want to deal with it, but if you just want catering, minister, and possibly music/photog, you can do that yourself.  You will want to check on access issues though, some larger suites are served by elevators that require key card, and of course talk to your vendors before booking the suite to both get recommendations, and find out how recently they've done an event in the suites your considering, in case they've experienced issues.

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  • Hi!

    im getting married in vegas this year. I wondered if you had any luck with in suite reception and how did you do it/what vendors did you use?

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