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Pre-wedding Parties

Pre-Wedding Event Name

Kind of a complicated situation here... 

My parents are graciously hosting a pre-wedding event but we're not entirely sure what to call it. 

I am from another state than which I currently live in and will be getting married in, and my entire family (parents included) and a good chunk of my friends live back in my home state and won't be able to attend the wedding. Some of my family members were wondering if we were going to do a wedding event there and my parents consulted with my SO and I and we together decided it was a good idea. My SO and I will be travelling to my home state to attend a friends wedding (that I am a bridesmaid in) in August 2019, so we would hold this event when we were there, and our wedding is in October 2019. Problem is we don't know what to call this event.

My SO and I got engaged in November 2018 just before Thanksgiving so might be a little late for an engagement party? I'm also not keen to the idea of a wedding shower since we'd have to stuff everything we get into a suitcase or pay for shipping to ship it back home. Not to mention the fact that we've been living together in our own space for a few years so we've accumulated a lot of stuff. That's the extent of my knowledge into pre-wedding events! 

This would be a sort of second reception... A come as you are, visit with us and say hello, grab some food and play some games in my parents backyard type of event. 

Ideas? Thoughts? Opinions? 

Re: Pre-Wedding Event Name

  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs member
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    Pre-wedding events are typically engagement parties, showers, and bachelor/bachelorette parties.  You can’t really have a wedding reception if the wedding has not yet occurred.  

    If you have not yet sent out wedding invitations, it would be rude to invite anyone to a “wedding related event”.  Even if they plan to decline, all guests should be invited.  Some guests may decide to attend after all.

    You will be in town visiting.  Your folks can simply hold an “Open House”.  
  • The Open House is a genius idea. 

    All guests are definitely still invited and more than welcome to come to either (or both) events. We just wanted to make things a little more accessible to those who we're unable to go to the wedding (I know for a fact my grandparents won't be there due to health reasons, but she's still going to get an invite from me and will also be invited to the open house. )

    Thanks for the advice!
  • Can you do the open house after the wedding? It would make more sense, honestly. 
  • MesmrEweMesmrEwe member
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    Definitely "Open House", but consider that your friend's wedding may not be the time to do it as there can be perceptual challenges in regard to "stealing her thunder" even though you're not.  Also, since you're in the wedding, there are going to be wedding related events in the days surrounding their wedding you'll need to be attending (RD or gift opening for example..).  Just be cognizant of her feelings before scheduling something the same weekend...  Heaven knows we've had many situations posted over the years from brides afraid someone is attempting to steal their thunder when doing something the same weekend, it's not something that "absolutely not" but it is for some brides an issue, so pre-seeding it is usually a good thing...
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