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Fiance's Best Person is a Woman

My fiance's best person is a woman, and his other groomsmen is a man.  The 2 in my bridal party are both women.  I was just looking for advice on how they should be walking down the aisle for the ceremony.  

It is a small, intimate ceremony with just our families so about 20 or so people.  My brother is going to be officiating... the entrance plan was to have my brother walk my mother in, then my fiance will walk his parents down then our wedding party will come down before my father and myself.  I'm definitely open to changing how we come down the aisle but I feel like I'm at a stand still with how the wedding party will come down.  "Traditionally", as you all know, it's a groomsmen and a bridesmaid, etc with the maid of honor and best man.  Should I have them pair up and come down "traditionally" or they come in individually or the bridal party comes in together and the groom's party comes in together or something completely different? 

I hope that all makes sense... thanks in advance for all the help and tips! 

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    I like the idea of the bride’s party and the groom’s party coming in together. Coming in individually works too.

    Ask your wedding party what they think would be better of the two, or if they have other ideas.
  • I didn't even think to ask the party... jeez, what an oversight on my part! Thank you!
  • Most weddings I've attended the BM is up by the groom waiting with the officiant.  If that doesn't happen, they would walk in first followed by the wedding party.

    To recess, I'd ask what they like.
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    I've never seen the groom's people walk down the aisle, only the bride's. Usually the GM are with the groom at the front and the bride processes up.

    Regardless, it doesn't matter. Whatever fits in your ceremony is fine. There is nothing wrong with two men or two women walking together, with no one walking together, or with the two sides each walking in together. 
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    You could have the groom's wedding party enter in front of him and his parents
    Your wedding party could walk in front of you and your dad.

    Officiant and your Mom
    The groom's best woman and groom's man, paired or single file
    The groom and his parents
    The bridesmaids and maid of honor, paired or single file
    Bride and her father
  • With only 20 or so guests, you could have both "sides" walk in from the side and you down the middle...  But really, don't overthink this because sometimes the logistics of the venue can change how you plan to do things.  Plus, with a smaller group, it can sometimes seem hokey to have it done super formally because that really is an intimate group.  
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