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It's Friday eve!  

Just watching the final SCOTUS opinions being announced.  Nothing else spectacular going on over here.  

Anyone else?

Re: Thursday

  • Also watching for opinions, particularly the Census case. 

    Softball tonight and just really ready for the weekend. Trying not to wonder what is going on with my promotion and just keep my head down and work (see my WWTKD post).  
  • @Casadena nah, warm weather but cooler wind was nice. I was sleeping with windows open. Now I've got a/c on :(

    It's been a pretty busy week. We're going away this weekend, so trying to make sure everything is done, cleaned etc is just a lot.
    Tonight I'm throwing laundry in, and bringing suitcases upstairs to start packing some stuff.
    We've also gotta pick the PNP from my mum's place tonight and drop off my house keys so she can feed our cats.

    M and I are both off early tomorrow {he booked it off, and I'm on Friday summer hours ;) } so we're gonna get final things packed and cleaned. I'm hoping there will be enough time for me to toss our blanket into the wash and let it hang/dry over the weekend. {we have a rack in our room}

    This weekend should be interesting lmfao
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    Yes @casadena, I hate the heat.  I was getting sick of the rain only because my grass grew longer faster and they shut down my road home if and when it floods.  Otherwise - gimme thunder storms!

    H and I binged 6 eps of Girls Incarcerated when I got home.  Did laundry in between and ordered a pizza because of the pizza talk on the chicago thread! (It wasn’t peaquods)

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    I'm not ready for like 6 days of 90s ahead. I am have a pool day with friends tomorrow so that will be nice. I forget if the pool is heated or not but even not I'm sure it will feel great.

    dear intern: get. off. your. phone. !!!!!  I noticed this guy is on his phone a bit here and now I've paid attention today and every time I walk by he has his head down playing a game on his phone. We have a pretty open office so it is easy to see. That being said we're very casual and people don't bat an eye if someone's on their phone but it seems excessive for sure and if I were an intern I'd be trying to make myself look really good. 
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    I am full of rage today. 

    First, welcome to Gilead. I am horrified and furious and nauseous.

    Secondly, I talked to my mom this morning. She finally told me that she’s been out of remission for her leukemia for a year and insurance has been denying her infusions. Now she has an opportunistic infection that literally can’t be cured unless she gets treatment for being immunocompromised. Insurance is still insisting she try antibiotics (not evidence based and will not work and will lead to more harm than good) first. I’m livid. She said multiple doctors have been fighting with her insurance to get her covered for the treatment and insurance has been pushing back and denying everything. They are literally killing her. I am so sick and angry. Like what the fuck. 

    I need a margarita and a massage because this is all a bunch of bullshit. I am so sick of this country. 

  • @levioosa omg .... my heart breaks :(

    Things are just getting ridiculous on HEALTH CARE .... hopefully someone smacks some sense into everyone {including the damn insurance company wtf}
  • kvrunskvruns member
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    @levioosa that sucks for your mom. I'm not sure if she has tried involving her HR department at work but that might be able to help. In my world if we had someone going through that the HR department would contact us (the broker) and we'd push like hell to get it approved through our relationship with the insurance company. It is also possible if the employer is self-funded and this isn't something they normally cover they could choose to make an exception.

    She may have already tried those things but if not it is worth a try as sometimes more leverage can come this way vs the Dr office
  • Oh @levioosa I’m so sorry. That insurance is terrible, that your Mom is sick, and that she didn’t tell you. All the margaritas for you. 
  • I'm not complaining about the hot weather yet.  Gotta pace myself.  The current high 80s/low 90s is child's play.  It will start getting 10 degrees hotter than that soon.  If it doesn't literally feel like a sauna yet when I walk outdoors, then the weather is still great, lol.

    I had such a bad night, last night.  I went to bed a little earlier than normal and was looking forward to catching up on some sleep.  But then I woke up at 2AM and couldn't get back to sleep until 4:30AM!  I'm usually a sound sleeper, once I fall asleep so I'm not sure what that was about.  I usually get up at 6AM, but chose to sleep in an extra 30 minutes, even though that meant I got to work late.  Ugh, I have been dragging all day.

    I saw SCOTUS voted down the citizenship question being included on the Census.  I had such a horrible experience with the Census Bureau in the 2000 Census and I'm still bitter about them.  I moved from one apartment to a different one a couple weeks after the "official date" for the Census.  So I filled it out for my old apartment because that's where I was on that date.  But they didn't have census data for my new apartment because I assume it was vacant at that time.

    OMG, they harassed me endlessly and it was infuriating.  By phone.  In person, knocking on my door.  Dozens of times.  And, every single time, I explained I was NOT living at that apartment on the census date.  That I'd already filled out my census info for my previous address.  At first I was nice about it, but not so much when I'm explaining this for the 30th time and sometimes to the same people.  I offered to fill it out again for that address, but pointed out that then I'd be counted twice.  Oh, no no, we can't have that.  Okay.  Then YOU tell ME what I need to do or say to stop the daily phone calls and visits.  But no one had an answer for that, smh.  I think it only stopped when those temporary census taker positions finally ended.
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  • I'm surprised I didn't get harassed by the Census staff.  I was pissed about it for some reason in 2010, so I only answered the most basic of information and left 90% of it blank.  Perhaps I was just never home when they came by and I've never answered phone numbers I didn't recognize.  I'll only answer what I want again and it'll probably be even less this time.

    SCOTUS sucks for many reasons right now.  I was remembering watching the SCOTUSBlog 6 years ago yesterday and running out of my office crying b/c DOMA had been found unconstitutional.  Then 2 years later, watching for Obergefell and just the sheer amount of joy through my friends group.  And just feels really far away from those amazing days.
  • I’m not even sure the new conservative Justices even believe the Court should review laws anymore with the way these decisions are going. 
  • ei34ei34 member
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    I'm so sorry about all that your mom is going through @levioosa
    With ya on the heat-hate @Casadena

    RD last night was nice.  Still don't have a toast written but I did find a good pair shoes to wear at the wedding.
  • levioosalevioosa Southern California member
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    Thanks everyone. She’s currently unemployed and pays for our Covered CA PPO insurance which has steadily gotten worse since republicans have been crippling the affordable care act. Honestly she could probably get better care through medi-cal at this point, which is saying a lot. I’m just so frustrated. 

  • My titles aren't as catchy as Mrsconn, but I'll post Prudie soon since no one has yet today!
  • Casadena said:
    My titles aren't as catchy as Mrsconn, but I'll post Prudie soon since no one has yet today!
    You're my hero! lol.  Though, alas, I'm probably too busy to read and comment until tomorrow.
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    Oh @levioosa, I am so sorry about your mom. And pissed that insurance is screwing her over.

    @Casadena, I’m right there with you hating the heat. It’s not even that hot here, but our house is like a sauna and it’s hard on the animals.

    Murphy’s Law at work today. The shitstorm finally passed but I have a lot to catch up on.

    Yay for Prudie!
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    Work was so busy this morning, but I feel like I also didn't do anything!

    Not much going on here, tomorrow is payday and Mr. Softee is coming at 3!

    Levioosa - I'm so sorry your mom is dealing with all of that.  Not just the illness, but the idiocy that is her insurance.  Is there any sort of insurance department in the state government that could help?

  • levioosalevioosa Southern California member
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    @OliveOilsMom other than switching to medi-cal I’m not sure what she could do. And although that would probably get her some approvals it would also come with a lot of issues as well. It’s far from perfect. I feel at a loss. 

  • @levioosa I'm so sorry your mom has to deal with that bullshit hassle on top of her illness. Hugs and good vibes for you both. 
  • @levioosa I hate insurance companies with a firey passion but that is too much! Have you tried calling  them out publicly on Twitter or other social media? I know it sounds crazy but it is one of the only ways to get results around here.
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