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Hello all!  I got married last week and need some feedback on how I manage a tough conversation with my florist. We didn't have a formal contract but we had an email conversation with the total price  ($2,500) and what was included : 22 dining room centerpieces, 10 cocktail centerpieces, 96 votive, 9 bouquets, 2 corsages and 3 boutonnieres.
I provided black lanterns for additional decorations. She asked if I wanted her to decorate the lanterns and I said repeatedly no,  to have separate centerpieces in gold vases for the tables.
On the big day, I found out that she completely forgot the corsages, made extra boutonnieres, and added one piece of greenery and two small flowers for each lantern with no 22 centerpieces.
I want at least a partial refund if possible since we were missing 22 centerpieces and corsages but not sure the right way to go about it. Flowers weren't critical to me but I don't think I got my money's worth. She has great reviews and I was extremely clear on email - I outlined the needs in 5 separate emails plus a text the day before. She completed set up after I had left for the ceremony so I didn't really notice until the wedding and after when she had already gone.
Any advice?

Re: Post Wedding Floral Issues

  • Contact her immediately that all this stuff was missing.  Phone call or in person.  Have pictures in-hand to confirm.  Ideally you would have called from the first place you noticed things missing, but that is in the past.  Many halls will have a contact person that if they notice things missing will call your vendors on your behalf, but that's again in the past.  All you can do now is Take prints of pictures, and your emails and come to a reasonable refund amount for those items that were missing as what you ordered wasn't delivered.  
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  • Have you already paid all of the money? If not, you can withhold a portion of what remains until this is settled. If it's all paid, then you should take the above suggestion. Be firm and very clear.
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    Ditto @MyNameIsNot to do as much via email as possible.  I agree that you deserve a refund and having a paper trail is your best bet.
  • With a nice post, this problem can be overcome.
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    knottie#s you've been randomly posting on a bunch of old threads, please look at the dates and don't post on ones that are more than a couple of months old. If you are genuinely interested in the topic, start a new thread.
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