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Colors for a spring woodsy wedding

I am having trouble picking my colors for my May 2020 wedding! We are getting married in the mountains and the whole weekend is going to have a woodsy/rustic/camping feel. We have a scenic overlook for the ceremony and the reception will be in a lodge. I want to have a very woodsy feel (ex. maybe mason jars, babys breath with candles on stumps as the centerpieces) but also a romantic touch. I definitely want green as the main color. I was thinking mint green since it is a spring wedding. What are some good supplemental colors? Thank you! 

Re: Colors for a spring woodsy wedding

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    Really, anything goes with green. If you want to keep it light, I'd go with blush/pink, creamy white, lavender. If you wanted to go bolder, reds, yellows, orange. Green is the neutral so you can use whatever color you wish.
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    Honestly I'd skip the candle combination as it sounds like a fire hazard.  That said - natural floral!  Nature isn't the same shade - you could give your BM and GM the theme "Color green" and let them run with a color that looks great on them.  That said, greens, browns, spring flowers range from royal purple to pastels, really, anything goes!
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