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Wedding Dress Help

I purchased a wedding gown through consignment in January. It wasn’t a great experience. The place had no heat, and I rushed through my appointment and picked a gown, since everyone was freezing. I think the dress is pretty, but I never had “the moment” feeling about it. The dress also has capped sleeves, but they are tight and cut into my arms. The owner promised the seamstress could fix them, but she keeps cancelling my alteration appointment on me. Plus, I just noticed one of the lace appliques is falling off, which then lead me to notice another one is entirely missing altogether. Going to purchase my fiance’s suit – I finally admitted to him I’m not in love with my dress. I decided to go to another bridal salon to look for another dress, since my first experience wasn’t great. I found two dresses I love. One, a more fitted look with a train. The other a more poofy tea length gown. I’m not too keen on trains and kicking them around, but it looks nice elsewhere. All 3 dresses need some sort of alteration. But I just cannot decide to keep my original dress and find another seamstress or go with one of the two new ones. I’m leaning towards the tea length, but with alterations it will be $1,000. The more fitted with alteration will be about $500. My original dress was $320, and I’m not sure with alteration the cost. Help!? Which do I choose? (Original with veil) 

Re: Wedding Dress Help

  • OurWildKingdomOurWildKingdom in the 216 member
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    All the dresses are gorgeous, and you look great in them. Pick what’s within your budget.
  • climbingwifeclimbingwife NYC 'burbs member
    10000 Comments Fifth Anniversary 500 Love Its 5 Answers
    They're all beautiful. I personally love the tea length one the best. 

  • MRDCleMRDCle member
    500 Love Its 100 Comments Second Anniversary Name Dropper
    I like tea length the most, then the original. 
  • CasadenaCasadena member
    500 Love Its 500 Comments Fourth Anniversary Name Dropper
    I agree with the others.  the tea length is my favorite, then the original.
  • frajes01frajes01 member
    First Comment
    Thank you all!!! 😁
  • ILoveBeachMusicILoveBeachMusic Indiana member
    2500 Comments 500 Love Its Fourth Anniversary 5 Answers
    I'm in camp tea length then the original! You look gorgeous!

  • MesmrEweMesmrEwe member
    Knottie Warrior 2500 Comments 500 Love Its First Answer
    I'm camp "find a new seamstress" first and fast.  One element I notice is a low backed busk is likely the missing element in all three, you need proper support that the dresses aren't providing which can be contributing to the issues in all three.  Find out what the alterations are going to cost first because that dress could easily (without much cost) be altered into a tea length one that actually fits properly.  And, you'd be under the $1000 price tag after the alterations.  Add a shorter crinoline under ($20 on Amazon and they've got tons of colors so you could even have more fun with it if you chose) and you're going to have the best of the three in the elements that are across the selection combined.  

    I do like the Tea length dress on you as well - AND -I'd recommend ordering the tea length dress in the next size up as it looks like you're trying to make something work that's not the right size in the midsection while the top part is too big.  It's easier to alter down than alter up, but more than that, you want it properly fitted to your body so you're relaxed in your photos instead of trying to hide an ill fit in your photos.  

    I'm not as big of a fan of the third dress it needs better support and no good way to do it given the sheer back.  
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  • I love the tea length one! 
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