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Wedding Woes

Welcome to the Hellmouth

It's going to be hot AF around these parts today and through the weekend.  I'm hoping we can keep the house cool enough to be comfortable.  DH did just change our air filter last week. 

We went to night swimming at a waterpark last night.  My sisters and nephews joined us.  It was super fun.  

I have to work Saturday.  We're watching FIL's dog starting tomorrow for a week.  

Other than that, SSDD.  Prudie coming in...cool (because we don't need any more heat) here in a few.  ;) 

Re: Welcome to the Hellmouth

  • CharmedPamCharmedPam Chicagoburbs member
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    Yeah we’re gearing up for this now too!  NBC asked what people keep their thermostat at and a lot of people were 75-79.  H (and me sometimes) find that it’shot at 70, which is what we keep it at. 

    Two scares:
    Today, my coworker came in from the dentist saying she has 16 cavities.  They’re kissing cavities, in between the teeth that spread because of lack of flossing- but I really really have to stop being so lazy.  I’ve been slacking on that.

    Last night my H brought home a co-worker, who’s only 35 years old, but lost 1/2 his foot 2 years ago due to diabetic nerve pain.  I am keeping my numbers in check but it was a good reminder that anything could happen if I fall on that too. 

    *sigh* taking care of yourself is such work. 

  • VarunaTTVarunaTT member
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    It's so hot here, I've been staying in for lunch.  It's also humid AF; we're hovering around 60 percent here, so it just feels like you're swimming outside and makes it hard to breathe....and hot.  

    I think I've talked on here before about my friend that I had to start backing away from because of her pattern of behavior with relationships.  TL;DR and still long: her last breakup was terrible.  This time suicidal thoughts and an attempt were involved.  We got through that.  Then, she immediately went back into her pattern of dating.  I had to set a boundary.  I was in my own terrible headspace and I simply didn't have the bandwidth to offer support and rewatch a series of events I'd seen four times before (she was married but separated and dating most of the time I knew her, about 3 years.  Divorce was final last winter.  Last breakup was #4 since I'd know her, each breakup worse than the previous).  That was in probably late January.  I started missing her enough in March that I went to her FB Page to message her, only to see she was in a relationship with a new person, starting back in February, less than 6 weeks after all of this 4th breakup.  I did not message her.  She married new BF in May.  I love her and I can't with all of this.  Well, I discovered yesterday she has unfriended and blocked me on FB.  I think it happened sometime last week.  I'm a little hurt, a little stunned, a little bemused.  I'm curious as to why, but at this point, it was just the final nail in the friendship coffin that was being built. I genuinely wish her well and I'm somewhat glad it's all over.

    Other than that, SSDD.  I'm starting to case an eye over the apartment and think about doing a serious cleaning/purging of the apartment and storage unit, to start claiming our space back.
  • Hot a.f here too. I gave BabyKitten just a rufflebun {diaper cover} and tshirt to keep her relatively cool.
    I've been putting her mostly in rompers because it's
    a - easier to get her dressed
    b - less clothing in general

    This morning I was cackling. So since she's walking more, I let her walk from the car to the door holding my hand. She can walk, but gets so distracted so holding her hand is just easiest to ensure she keeps going.
    Anyways ... so she won't climb the front step at daycare {idk why} so when the door opened, I went to lift her but she just used my hand and pulled herself up. Then climbs into the house and right to the toys and her friends.
    As I'm just briefly speaking to daycare, my kid takes off down her hallway LAUGHING!
    We both started laughing, and daycare advised she's been in an exploring-the-house phase lol I agreed that she does that at our place, but for us it's she immediately heads upstairs.

    Tonight is groceries, and I think I may try to record a youtube video.

    We've got the table started cleaning, but this weekend we need to focus on the basement because on Sunday we're getting a deep freezer.
    Depending on weather, we may take her to a water park also.
  • levioosalevioosa Southern California member
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    Stay cool, everyone! It’s supposed to be over 100 here from next Tuesday on. I’m so sad summer finally hit. It’s also not helping that in recent years it has started to get humid. It’s 76% humidity right now which has started to become the norm. Humidity is a whole different ball game from dry heat. 

    That’s terrible @CharmedPam. I would be so upset if someone told me I had 16 cavities. We also keep the house around 68-70. It’s so much nicer that way. 

    Went out for dinner and drinks last night with FSIL and her FI. FSIL was excited to show me Married at First Sight but I didn’t really care for it. We have tentative plans to go see a concert in the park this weekend. 

    Does anyone have experience with freezing homemade whipped cream? Does it keep okay? I made a huge batch since the heavy whipping cream I had was going bad (didn’t get to make my trifle on the 4th), but’s more whipped cream than we can possibly eat in one day. 

  • I am just busy AF at work.  Better than the alternative.  But it's usually not a stressful job, except it has been for the last few months and it's especially been in overdrive this week.

    We placed our order for ALL new windows at one of the duplexes.  3400 bones, with a 50% deposit required (and paid).  The other duplex needs new windows also...3200 bones...but those windows are in better shape and we can get by with them.  I mentioned it in a previous post but, unfortunately, we weren't thinking about windows in our original rehab budget and didn't include those costs (sigh).

    Property tax good and bad, mostly bad, news:

    There was a major overhaul property tax assessment done for (I think) all of New Orleans this year.  I got the new assessments...though not the new amount of the actual taxes that will be due, smh...for two of my properties in the mail yesterday.  Including for my personal home, which I knew was going to be the scary one.  Values have crazy shot up in my neighborhood, since my home was re-evaluated about 6 years ago.  Don't get me wrong, overall, that is beyond fantastic.  But I knew the Day of Reckoning for property taxes would be coming someday.  And now it's here.

    Their assessment is more than double what it previously was.  Which will make my taxes at least double and probably more like 3x higher than it has been.  My H was railing that I should fight it.  Which I did way in the past because the first couple years the assessed value was way off and way too high.  I had to break the bad news to him.  I don't like it any better than he does.  Buuutttt, this time, there isn't anything to fight.  I know what the comps for my house are and the new assessed value is still $60K-$70K lower than that.

    Funny enough, the other property I got the info for had the assessed value drop by about 10% from last year.  But that's in a totally different zip code/area.  Unfortunately, that will be a small savings as compared to the big jump for my personal home.  However, my new duplexes are in exactly the same area as the property that had that 10% drop.  Plus, I have fresh recent appraisals.  I think I'll be able to get those dropped at least the same 10%-ish, if not more.
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  • Am I the only one who likes humidity, lol? Dry air kills my skin and sinuses. I spent some weeks in Vegas for work some years back and it was awful. I felt like a turkey being baked in the oven, I could feel my skin drying out. Here your glasses fog up when you go outside and I love it, lol.

    Nothing planned for the weekend. I have been doing an excellent job staying on top of laundry recently, so I don’t even have that to do. ☺️ I am ready to Netflix and Chill, lol.
  • It is supposed to be hot AF here too.   Our town's annual celebration day is Saturday and they postponed it to run 6 hours starting at 3.   We will go to the marina (and pool!) and will do our best to stay as cool as possible.   

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