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Wedding Woes



Any plans for the weekend?  

Tonight we're just chillin'.  I think DH is going to mow for the first time in for-ev-er since we've had so little rain. 
Tomorrow, DH's uncle is coming over to do a brake job on his car.  Then DH and his uncle are going to help FIL move some shit around his house in preparation for some remodeling and what not that FIL has coming up. 
Sunday, DH, BIL, DefConn, foster nephew, and maybe FIL are going to Colts training camp.  My sister and I are going shopping.  We're then going to have dinner back at our house.  

DefConn had a great first day of school.  :) He's got a different mix of kids in his class after a couple years of having a lot of the same kids.  I think it's a good thing.  He has a blind child in his class, who is also new to his school, I think, and he said he played with him at recess.  <3  

So we had a raccoon that lived in our tree hollow that we haven't seen in awhile.  Yesterday, as I was waiting for DefConn's bus to drop him off,  I was thinking I smelled something dead.  My neighbor across the way rides up on his mower to a bush in his yard that's closest to the street and picks up a dead raccoon (WITH NO GLOVES ON! GROSS!) out of the bush and rides back with it to dispose of it.  So I think that may have been our friend.  RIP little buddy. 



  • Happy Friday!

    I cannot wait for the weekend.  

    Yesterday Chiquita got kicked out of camp for the day for spitting.   I was SO ticked and she spent time as I worked from home reading, writing apology letters and while I was at the Dr. she helped MIL.   DH and I are super disappointed in her but was also said we know she did a bad thing and that doesn't make her a bad kid.

    Chiquito is in a rough age for listening and I hate it.  There are fights every day about how much he knows he did and he's 4 - so what he did he did poorly.   It's such a battle and it makes me hate the 45 minutes that it takes them to get dressed, fed and out the door every morning.  

    I have one account that's seems to deal in an alternate reality.   I can't tell if they simply have no understanding of what they are asking of our industry or if they think that they're big and they get to control more but I'm happy they will leave me alone this weekend. 

    Tonight is the last night of soccer camp for Chiquita and then tomorrow DH and his dad are going to work on stuff at our rental unit and I'll probably have to head to the wholesale club.    Sunday's our 12th anniversary and I'm looking forward to some quiet time with DH.  We could use it. 
  • There’s a lot of emotions tied up with stuff @VarunaTT. It’s good your recognizing that! 

    We lost the semi-final game by one run last night, but he team that beat us went on to win the championship. They were a ton of fun to play against so we stayed and watch and they all were super excited we stayed to cheer them on. We had a big speaker and played them “we are the champions” when they won. So a really fun night. I’m paying for it today because we went out after and now I’m exhausted. I’m definitely not in my 20s anyway. 

    Were having family and friends over this weekend for food/drinks. I’m excited but we have a ton cleaning and prep to do! H even put up a new swing for my niece. Hopefully we have good weather!
  • OliveOilsMomOliveOilsMom South Jersey member
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    ILBM - I think just a card is fine!  If you wanted, maybe put in an IOU for a dinner out together or dinner at your house.  Or if you have any pictures of them together when younger, put that is a frame?  But I would only do the dinner or picture, if we were really close.

    H is going to the Phillies game tonight with friends, so it will be just DD and I.  I keep flipping around what we will do tonight.  Trying to save money, so probably eat at home.  Should we just grill up some hot dogs and have a picnic in the backyard?  Maybe hook up the splash pad?  Or go over to the fun park so she can play on the equipment?  I'll figure it out eventually!

    Saturday I am going to make my friend's housewarming gift in the early afternoon.  Then in the evening my brother is hosting his annual Rib-B-Que.  After that, DD and I are going down the shore with my parents.  H will come down on Sunday after going to his friend's granddaughter's birthday party for a bit.  We will stay down the shore through Tuesday.
  • levioosalevioosa Southern California member
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    I’ve been at work three hours and it’s already been a shit show. Ugh. I looked at my coworker at work and asked, “is it just me or has today already gone to shit?” She was like nope, the place is definitely on fire today. So at least it’s not me. I’m on my break right now and trying to suck down as much coffee as my burning tongue will let me get. 

  • VarunaTT said:
    I think I'm just going to suck it up and move everything out of the storage unit tomorrow, so that we can start really going through and organizing things.  I have a friend moving into his own apartment for the first time every and basically needs everything, so I'm going to come let him "shop" and take what he wants out of donation and do a trade for what he wants out of "selling".  It means my apartment will be a goddamn disaster for a a couple of weeks, but it also means that it will be done by the end of August, which was my goal.  I'm looking forward to it.  

    I'm having to deal with some emotions and fear about all of this.  A lot of the stuff in the storage unit is my and K's "just in case this doesn't work out" stuff.  xH was really my first serious and long term relationship and, even though I tell my brain this wasn't a failure, the relationship just concluded, it's hard to get past my own fear of failure and questioning of myself.  It did not help that I decided to look up "second marriages" and the like.  Sometimes, Google is NOT your friend.  :smiley:

    Other than that, SSDD.  Not too much going on.  K will work most of the weekend and the budget is a bit tight right now, so probably just vegging out and catching up on TV.
    If it helps my favorite cleaning mantra is “I can store things at the store.” So obvi no I’m not just casually tossing all my possessions and planning to buy new ones, but also $1000 at Target sets up a kitchen more than adequately and I don’t need a full set of back up dishes just in case. Good luck! I’m in the midst of trying to organize my kitchen and as a pack rat it is harddddddd
  • I'm not really a pack rat and since I left the xH's house with basically bare necessities, I don't have a lot of stuff.  K had a full household though and a lot of it is theirs.  So, it feels additionally weird b/c I feel like they're taking their safety net away more than mine and they trust me enough to do so.  Some of it is just from the 1st apartment where we didn't have space or storage for everything of theirs.  And they are a bit of a packrat, I seem to attract packrats probably because I tend towards minimalism.  :smile: 

    Part of me feels like I'm overthinking things, the other part is just trying to be in the moment and enjoy it.  I lost my sounding board person about 2nd relationships, which is a bit of a struggle.  Everyone else is still never married, 1st marriage, or 4th  marriage in my life, so I don't have anyone to tell me I'm being normal and Google definitely did NOT reassure me this time! 

    Image result for im normal gif
  • CharmedPamCharmedPam Chicagoburbs member
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    Lmao @MyNameIsNot- so I read “Indiana and then i’m super excited”  like, who the hell is SUPER excited for Indiana?  Then I went back and saw India.  Ok, that warrants super excitement 😃  

  • Aww 6 I’m sorry. Here’s hoping you can have a few minutes to yourself soon!
  • @6fsn ; Eep, I'm sorry!  That's awkward.  I hope you get some time alone and get some time to actually talk it out.
  • ei34ei34 member
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    I too like the large and in charge title @mrsconn23 lol
    Good luck with your storage project @VarunaTT especially with the emotion involved 
    @ILoveBeachMusic I think a card is perfect- maybe a bottle of wine or champagne too? But card sounds great.  Happy anniversary @banana468 and your team wins the Gracious/Most Awesome Losers award @charlotte989875
    Just got in from the pool/baths.  Hosting my ILs tomorrow for FILs birthday.  FIL hasn't told us what time he's coming and neither SIL has given a definite RSVP for their families but knowing them they will come. I do have a menu set at least  :| 
  • ((hugs)) 6.  That sucks.  I hope you get your minute alone and a few more to talk to DH.  Also, sorry he's been a butthead recently.  I hate when DH and I go through those periods.  ((more hugs)) 
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