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Wedding Woes




  • @MyNameIsNot ; I feel like Utah gets a bad rep for a few reasons, but it looks like it'd be in an amazing area!
  • MyNameIsNotMyNameIsNot Atlanta member
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    @MissKittyDanger Yeah, I mean, I'm not keen on spending my time and money somewhere that isn't exactly known for being open minded or progressive, but I was in a much more inclusive/diverse area. On the flip, it was half the price of what we would have spent to do the Rockies in Colorado, and just as beautiful. 
  • @MyNameIsNot ; The lack of progression is definitely a downfall, but I mean at least you're not doing this to consider moving there ;)
    I swear anywhere that can sell the Rockies, just jacks up the prices *sigh* Western Canada is expensive a.f and I'm convinced it's partly because of the mountains.
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