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In-suite reception-Cosmo, Flamingo or Mirage

I have done tons of research but most of the posts are at least 2 years old.  This is our tentative plan and I am hoping to get some ideas/opinions.  We are planning to get married on Halloween day 2020.  I want it to be goofy and cheesy so we chose Viva Las Vegas chapel because we want a Halloween themed venue.  We will have approximately 20 people in our group so I'm trying to find the best/cheapest transportation to get us to and from the hotel to the venue and back.  After the wedding we are planning to go back to our suite and host an in-suite reception with catered food.  We are going to buy liquor the day prior.  After a few hours in the suite, we will likely venture around to different bars/venues in the area and maybe head downtown that evening for Halloween festivities.  We plan to come back to our suite with whatever guests are still wanting to celebrate.  Here is the thing, I am undecided on a suite.  I think the Cosmo wraparound gives you a good deal of space and will allow the smokers a place to go outside to smoke.  I am not sure on their rules as far as additional guests are concerned, so any light someone can shed would be appreciated.  I am open to other suites on the strip as well.  Any suggestions for catered food would be lovely along with any liquor store suggestions.  Any experiences you may have doing something similar, please feel free to share those as well.  Thank you!  

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